Here we go again; it’s December 29th, and I’m finishing the work on the magazine; I call it a labor of love because it often feels like giving birth. I spend my energy connecting and collecting, wondering and waiting and rushing, and when it all comes together, I see the beauty of it. And I say, “Wow, I love this magazine.”

This month’s magazine is filled with articles about YOU, your energy, your vibration, your foundation, and so much that you can shift to have more joy! Of course, there is struggle in life also, and I know our writers hope that what they offer can help you struggle less and enjoy more still; it’s not enough if there is no movement from the mental to the emotional and then to the physical, it becomes just more stuff.

You know, stuff you should do but did not yet, stuff you will do but later, or stuff you might feel guilty about not doing. I hope that you will read every page of this month’s magazine but consider it’s not all for you right now, pick one thing and feel into it, then maybe connect to it by writing the author, sharing it with a friend, joining a class, or getting a book on the subject. The four processes in evolution are assimilating, circulating, eliminating, and resting. Our minds can become unrestful when we keep assimulating ideas and do not try them out in our lives and eliminate them when they no longer serve us, so our minds can rest again.

This month, January, I added an article on page 7, “SET YOUR IDEAL! The Most Powerful Thing you can do on your Spiritual Path.” I want to challenge you to take the time to read it and set your “Ideal” It’s something you can do from home at no cost to you, and I believe you will find it to be single the most powerful thing you do this year.

Of course, you can, and undoubtedly will, do other things, but with your own personal “Spiritual Ideal,” you will do them all better, so please join me in setting a “Spiritual Ideal” and reach out to me to let me know how it’s going.

You can connect with me at

Respectfully and with love,

Penny Golden, Founder Body Mind Spirit Guide


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