Rise up from the ashes


Written by Wendy Powers Nugent

Like the Phoenix, you can burn away the negative path and thoughts of your life, giving way to a rebirth up from the ashes creating a new life.  

This mythical bird symbolizes immortality, a death, and rebirth, much like the cycle of the human soul.

You may think this bird is only part of ancient Greek or Egyptian mythology; however, you will find this bird throughout all of the various cultures and religions on Earth.

The Christian faith tells a similar story of death and resurrection (rebirth), rising up from the ashes of death into a new life. Jesus’s story mirrors closely to the story of the Phoenix. His coming to the Earth, being crucified, then rose three days after his death to walk amongst the living once again. It sounds similar to the Phoenix’s cycle of life, death, then transforming through resurrection into a new life.

The higher self tries to warn or inform you about the decisions of life that need to be made. If you cannot discern or interpret what your higher self is telling you, it may be time to seek the professional help of an intuitive counselor who can look at your life path and help you confirm the messages of your inner intuitive voice.  

If your life seems to be falling apart or in a darkness that you can’t seem to lift, you may need to look hard at what may be holding you back. Like the Phoenix, you may need to completely tear down and rebuild your life by facing the difficulties that are plaguing you. Humans get caught up in destructive emotions, like depression, grieving too long, or sometimes anger. This anger you may experience can take the form of regrets and self-loathing for not making better decisions. I know It is not easy to stop living with such destructive emotions holding you back from moving forward and sadly leaving you helplessly slipping further into negative feelings.  

Once you grasp that you have the power to plant new seeds, make a better decision, and take action on even what seems impossible becomes possible, only then will you feel the darkness lift while a bit of light moves in to bring renewed hope. We all get stuck now and then; it is up to you how long you stay in dark thoughts of no hope.

Anyone can go off their life’s path when not paying attention to our intuitive little voice or just by dealing with difficulties that may touch our world through no fault of your own.  

As much as you may want to help someone rise above this free fall into hopelessness, you can’t do it through words alone. Trying to make someone see their difficulties and telling them how to get out of them will fail most of the time. Why? Because the decision to change lies only with the one who is in the darkness, however, you can be the light of support and strength.  

Fear of change and the unknown can be frightening or uncomfortable. Trying to take action and not confronting the needed changes will cause failure. Only the person that needs to get back on their life path and leave behind the negative thoughts and behaviors has the power to make the necessary changes. Believe it or not, facing that you are the only one that can make the changes with commitment and no excuses is the hardest part of starting new.

Once you are on the other side of the difficulties looking retrospectively at the struggle you just overcame, you stand back wondering why you waited so long to commit to starting your renewal journey.

Nothing worthwhile is easy to obtain; it takes work, the realization that change is needed, taking the risk to make changes, then finally realizing your goals. You never hear an athlete say; it was easy; it all just came naturally to me, no work, no hardship, just winning! How about love? Do you attract the same type of person? Do you want someone to complete your life? Are you ready for your soul mate? You will be ready for “the one” when you have worked on yourself and live in your authentic life. Now you are ready to be with the right person. When you are enjoying life, living in your truth with the strength to take on life, suddenly, the right person comes into your life. This usually happens when you least expect it or when you have even given up on love. Others are drawn to the confidence and joy that lives within a person who is content with themselves. So, like the Phoenix, tear down the old self, and burn off the negative thoughts and excuses of why you are not where you want to be in life. Allow the rebirth of your life, trust in your intuition, reach for your goals no matter how scary or unobtainable they seem, set your goals, and do not look back. Seek a good therapist or supportive friends, or even consult an intuitive counselor to help you stay on track. Try meditation to calm you, realign your thoughts, and connect to your intuitive higher self. No one wants to stay in a stalemate or live in an oppressive situation, losing precious time, life is short, and you need to complete your life lessons while on this Earth.   

May you realize all your hopes, wishes, and dreams, making this New Year the rebirth of your life.  

Wendy Powers Nugent

She is a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Minister, Writer, and Certified Counselor. She has been a professional psychic for more than 45 years with Proven Accuracy! Readings by appointment only. For more information on readings, visit her website: www.WendyPowers-Clairvoyant.com   To make an appointment, please TEXT her at 248-826-8255, text your name, and say that you would like a session with Wendy. Phone calls will not be answered-only texts.  


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