NEW Beginnings


By Cheryl L. Carter

Janus is the Roman god of new beginnings and transitions. He is depicted with having two faces which look in opposite directions, the past and the future. Just as in life, metaphorically speaking, every doorway affords us the opportunity to look in two directions. Was each day what you had hoped for, or did some not quite meet your expectations? Nonetheless, every one of these moments in your life was meant to be either a blessing or a lesson. Whatever has happened the past year has brought you to where the universe has intended you to be. And right now, the universe is speaking to you; speaking volumes about the plethora of opportunities that lie ahead of you on your life’s journey. How will you respond?

Moreover, new beginnings exude a special energy that surrounds us with a sense of hope and joy. In order to tap into this energy, you must have a positive mindset. Let go of anything that no longer serves your higher self. Listen to the beat of your heart. It is the sound of purpose. Listen to the vibration of your soul. It is the sound of many past lives and experiences. Listen to the voice of your higher self. It is guiding you to make conscious decisions toward what is best for you. Feel the power from within that comes about as you focus on the things that really matter to you; things that excite and drive you.

Everything is within your reach. All you must do is focus on that road up ahead while envisioning all the wondrous opportunities that await you. Life is not but one journey. It is a series of journeys that require determination and perseverance. Do not hasten on your way being satisfied where you are at the present time no matter how wonderful you perceive this place to be. Instead, open your arms and heart to new and exciting things that the universe is ready to bestow upon you. By your thoughts and actions today, you are creating a new vibration and manifesting a new tomorrow. Let this new found knowledge settle into your spirit, allowing your soul the freedom to sing, dance, and love. Embrace the change of new beginnings knowing who you are and that you are truly worthy of reaching your dreams!


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