Your thoughts have power!


By Wendy Powers Nugent 

Thoughts are very powerful. They determine your mood and how you react to others. Thoughts determine everything from making day-to-day decisions to falling in love. Sometimes when we do not pay attention to our thoughts, we become clumsy or even get into trouble with our words. Have you ever read a book or article, and even though you read each word, you do not remember any of it, so you have to reread the material? Your mind was thinking of something else and could not focus on two tasks at once. Often, we are distracted going through life these days, especially if we are on our phones! This can even be downright dangerous. If you do not pay attention to something, you will not be able to recall the information. You can only solve a problem if you focus on the situation to create or resolve what you need to. Anxiety is a real problem these days as so many distracted thoughts run, and fearful expectations run through our minds instead of constructive thought. Some people think they multi-task well, but they will not be able to focus on one thought well. It is important to focus on one thought at the moment if you want to improve your memory and accomplish more in your day. 

If you desire to change your life, you must pay attention to what you are thinking. If you feel you are never going to fall in love or find happiness, you most likely will not. You instead go through the day sad or even angry that you cannot find the happiness that others seem to find so easily. You may even say to yourself, “I don’t need anyone; I am fine by myself,” and the intentions of that thought are now filed away in your subconscious mind. Your thoughts will become your world. If you are frustrated, fearful, angry, or depressed, that will be your life. However, you can help yourself immensely through the power of your thoughts! Even if you do not believe that you can change anything – at least at this moment. Have you ever heard of the saying “fake it until you make it” or “build it, and they will come”? These are thoughts in action, manifesting a different reality than the one you have created for yourself. Your thoughts are almost magical. 

Remember that if your life is not going how you desire, you’re putting thoughts into the wrong narrative. Your thoughts are powerful and can create your life, good or bad. If you want to change your life, then you need to rethink your life. Create the world that you want and focus on it every day. Mantras, dream boards, and meditation are good tools to help you achieve your new thinking direction. Hence, a better life experience. 

Your thoughts are pure energy, you can project a thought someone’s way, and they will feel it. You especially can send anger or fear, but you can also send love. All these thoughts are translated into an emotional response… from your thoughts to whoever you are projecting to. We receive others’ thoughts; you don’t need to be near them or even in the same space. We can pick up on others from anywhere in the world as long as we are open to receiving their thoughts. Remember, negative thinking projects even more intensely, usually because we focus more on our anger or negative thinking. Love? We sometimes pull away from those thoughts. Not focusing on the idea that we are sending love thoughts, but instead, questioning if the other person desires you, can scatter the thought focus through the anxiety of the rejection.   

I used to teach people how to develop their telepathic abilities. Yes, we all have telepathic abilities. We project thoughts all the time. You may not realize you are receiving someone else’s thoughts or even that they received your thoughts. But the more you learn how to control this powerful way of communicating, the more you will become confident that your thoughts are received. Telepathic projected thought is word by word, much like talking but just with the mind. This is not the case. Thoughts are received as more visual and emotional messages. Once you recognize your ability to send and receive information, the message is as clear as word-by-word communication.    

You must be careful in what you think because others are picking up on your thoughts, even if you don’t realize it. This is why we feel danger from a person that may be following us. Their thoughts, whether intentional or not, maybe send you thoughts of harm or anger. When you are angry while driving and find yourself sending intense thoughts to the other driver, they will feel your anger.

Unfortunately, accidents happen either at that moment or later down the road or create a bad day for both parties, as fear and anger are powerful thoughts – and that’s hard to let go of. Try to defuse negative thinking even if you are in the right. Instead, you can send a thought to the other driver to be careful and pay attention to their driving. I know, impossible at the time, but it is a goal! It works to help you stay focused and have a more successful day when you send good thoughts instead of angry or fearful thoughts. When things are out of my control, my anxiety flares up; I have angry thoughts, or even when I’m in pain, I need to change my thoughts fast. I take control of my thoughts through breathing… taking a deep breath in slowly… then exhaling slowly…which will bring calming thoughts. 


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