Standing At The Crossroads Of Life:


Standing At The Crossroads Of Life:
Your Direction May Be Clearer Than You Think!
Do you long for a life full of joy and fulfillment?
Are you ready for change but don’t even know what that change should be?
Does day-to-day life feel repetitive and mundane?
If you feel you are at a crossroads, you are not alone! Many stand, and have stood, at these crossroads. Some have found their way. For many the way is clouded by the fog of past hurts pushed into the subconscious where they forever linger. These unprocessed negative experiences and beliefs can take hold with such fervor they manage to create a physical manifestation in the body manifest as aches, pains, disease, etc.,. These are called energy blocks. They come to us compliments of our life experiences. They come in many shapes and sizes. They bring all manner of ailments. Think about it, we all know someone who gets physically ill, whether it be a migraine or tummy ache when they are under duress. This is a prime example of an energy block taking up residence in the physical body.
Have you ever walked into a room and felt tension in the air? You were feeling the energy field of others. Energy is everywhere. We run on and create energy. Energy flows via specific pathways through our body. Energy fields extend well beyond our physical body. How does this affect you personally? Ask yourself; are there days where I feel unusually tired or run down? This could be the result of blocks that are preventing the energy flow needed to adequately supply your body. Energy fields have been studied and manipulated for hundreds of years by practitioners in acupuncture, yoga, ti chi and like disciplines.
As you probably have experienced, emotions play a vital role in how well our energy flows. All that is negative creates a heaviness in our energy. When emotions are stuffed down and not felt, this heaviness lingers and a block is formed.
But do not fear! There are ways, guides if you will, who can help you find these energetic detours and clear them out once and for all. If it were easy, there would be no blocks. It will take commitment and time, but it is attainable and well worth the effort! It is the rare individual who can find their way through the foggy crossroads without guidance.
In the guidance lies the paradox; it doesn’t come from an insider, yet helps you find your inner guide. No, this facilitator has to be on the outside looking in in order to show you what you yourself cannot see. After all, YOU are the one who has hidden it from yourself! When working with an Energy Facilitator or Guide, you can expect a transformative experience by clearing and releasing stored emotional weight. Experienced in conjunction with coaching on an individual and/or group basis, you can make great strides on your journey through the crossroads of your life path.
Group for Growth was created to help individuals in a group setting focus on finding your direction. This will be a closed group that will meet 8 times. During each meeting, participants will share experiences/findings on the previous week’s topic and meditation. These topics are designed specifically to help each participant clear the fog and move through the crossroads. Evening & daytime groups for men and women of all ages, including teens begin November 2013 at Soul Space. We are honored to accompany you on your navigation at the crossroads.


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