A Healing Gift


Healing is a very practical journey. Everything in our life is designed to develop a particular gift within our self. When that purpose is fulfilled, the problems are ready to be healed. Until that point, the dis-ease will continue, whether it be a physical issue, or a state of mind or emotion, an experience of being blocked and limited, or anything else. Dis-ease is the soul’s gym and until we have built the muscle our higher nature has called us to build, we will work out – over and over again!

As a healer, my job is to help people to recognize the root cause of the problems they are facing. Or, as I said above, to understand the gift it presents for growth and to help a person to fulfill that opportunity and so move beyond the dis-ease. Sometimes the task that a person is doing is one that has been carried on through the family line. If you look back at your parents and their parents, you will see patterns of attitude, belief, thought, and struggle. You can see how each generation has had its own piece of work to do to bring this issue to resolution. You may see how in this generation, we are in a powerful position to finally resolve those issues and to relax into a deeper state of inner peace and truth.

Looking beyond the present life, we can see how the individual soul has worked through other lifetimes to develop certain qualities and strengths. They may have faced many times and in a variety of ways, certain types of restrictions and trials, or alternately they may have been given great power and had to learn, through experience, the challenges of leadership and responsibility. As a healer who can read the soul’s development, I see the places where the soul has been restricted and the places where it has grown beyond a person’s ability to handle the power appropriately. Most times if I look back far enough, I see how a soul has experienced both extremes of a situation, being both powerful and victimized, and how they are now trying to find a balance within their self, having both self-control and self-empowerment. There are many different stories and polarities of experience and ultimately all of them are leading us to a state of balance within.

So, as you look at your life and you wonder why you feel like you have too much responsibility on one hand and too little power on the other, you might seek to find a balance within. Be willing to use your power to choose what is right for you to do or not to do, and set yourself free from carrying burdens that really belong to others. Power is about being in authority over our own life, not lording it over others or rescuing them, but about choosing to live a life that you can love and feel good about. Not about impressing others with your benevolence, but about letting others find their power because you know they have it within them, just as you have it within yourself.

When we reach a point where we are really ready to let go of judging life, we can find the gift in every situation. The gift is absolute grace. There is nothing to fight, nothing to blame, nothing to forgive, and everything to be grateful for. Everything in life is on purpose, although it may take some deep investigating to understand that purpose. Meanwhile, have faith, there is a higher intelligence, and it is right here within you, within me, and within our world. This higher intelligence brings us to a particular place and time, with a particular response to it. If you can welcome the experience and acknowledge the divine intelligence within all of it (even your own reactions and those of others which may not seem very enlightened) you will be a bridge that allows healing to happen. There is a muscle building opportunity at hand in every moment. Use it, trust it and grow. This is healing. Once you’ve built the muscle, you will move on and enjoy the gift.

Eve Wilson


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