Ascension in Nature


People and all of nature are ascending to a higher vibration where we can experience more enlightened levels of consciousness and greater intuitive awareness including telepathy and spiritual vision. These changes will help people and nature interact in mutually beneficial ways.
We already see indications of this change in the way people care more about animal’s rights; recognizing they have many of the same needs and feelings as humans. Another indication is the increasing number of people communicating telepathically with animals, as healers and animal whisperers.
Audubon Magazine ran a story in December called Planet of The Apes. I will excerpt: “In Rwanda a tracker monitoring a wild gorilla family saw several young apes team up to break a poacher’s snare by jumping on the tree branch that held it taut and untying the noose. Spying a second trap, they scored two for two. Researchers noted the gorillas “impressive cognitive skill”. These were the first juveniles to dupe trappers by destroying snares.”
In Scotland, The Findhorn Garden Foundation has for over 30 years been growing the biggest vegetables ever seen on a formerly barren piece of land. Their secret to success is working hand in hand with the angels who guide the plants and the nature spirits. If you haven’t read about their story, please do, it is ground breaking work pointing toward the type of relationship that people will be able to have with nature consistently as we all progress in our evolution.
As a healer I am privileged to work with animals. I’ve seen what happens when they receive upgrades to their brains and central nervous systems during their healings, allowing higher intelligence to express through their bodies. Two of my favorite examples are a gerbil who incidentally, following much healing to cure brain and nerve damage after being poisoned, would come when she was called. Following her child up and down stairs and around the house she amazed visitors. The other is a cat who would stand crying outside of a door that was cracked open and wouldn’t even use her paw to let herself into the room. For me to talk with the cat to find out why she was peeing on things, the etheric surgeons had to upgrade her brain and central nervous system. She was the only non-telepathic cat I ever met, but not anymore! Following our work she went directly to a door and opened it.
Integrating a young pet into your home is much easier when you can talk with it telepathically. You can explain what you want and why and can seek agreement and mutual understanding. As a healer, I may if appropriate, invite the pet’s higher self to have the etheric surgeons improve their capacity for understanding. This can create an amazingly smooth relationship. Likewise their humans often need upgrades in understanding and compassion!
Upgrades like these have become increasingly common in recent years as the ascension process has picked up speed. They are given at the request of a client’s higher self when they are ready for these improvements. The ascension process will include many upgrades for all of us when we are ready. Our brains, nervous systems, endocrine glands, and chakras are among the first upgrades to higher vibration which we get. These upgraded systems allow higher levels of consciousness to wake up in our bodies, which help us integrate our true nature and wisdom into all aspects of our lives. We will see similar changes happen for all life forms here on earth over the next few decades.
Many people can sense the intelligence in trees; especially certain trees which express a great degree of love and higher consciousness. Having had many conversations with trees, I look forward to hearing that with their ascension more people will be telepathic and able converse with them. I once met a tree in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula who was a teacher for other trees. She spoke to me with greater clarity and power than any other I have met. All around her the younger trees were unusually awake and communicative. Although lacking in her wisdom, they were friendly and chatty. It made me wonder if in cutting down older trees, we have robbed young trees of their teachers. However, the trees are ascending as well, and so I know we will enjoy more and more opportunities to learn and share with them in the future.
As animals and plants pass away, they will return in new world bodies capable of adapting to the changes in climate as well as consciousness on the planet. I have been clearly told by the soul of the planet that all life forms which have appeared to be extinct will return in the new higher vibration world. Nothing will be lost except the darkness of separation between us and the inclination to gratuitously use the natural world. In place of that we will increasingly have a world community of common purpose and mutual respect for every level of life.

Eve Wilson


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