Professional Psychic “Wendy” is back!


You would see “Wendy” almost every time you turned on your TV or listened to a radio show during the 80’s and 90’s. People had to sometimes wait a year to get an appointment with her. She was a regular guest on Kelly & Company WXYZ, channel 7. Wendy also was a guest on many other radio and TV shows locally.

Predictions: Wendy was also a regular guest on the “David Newman” show of ABC talk radio; she made some astounding predictions, one being that she predicted the Berlin Wall coming down one year beforehand. Wendy also predicted that, while she did not know why, would be retired for about 15 years starting in 1994, but said that she would return one day and continue her career.

On the Kelly & Company Show (WXYZ), she predicted the Gulf War and saw that it would also end in two weeks. Wendy also saw that there would be major attacks on our own soil and a much longer war was to follow.

On a new ESPN show hosted by Steve Garagiola of NBC channel 4, she was asked who would win the 94-95 baseball series. A bit embarrassed, she did not know why, but she did not see a baseball season. Wendy felt she blew it on this one, but a week later it was announced that the 1994-95 season was canceled due to a strike!

Crash of Northwest flight 255: Wendy told one of her clients during a reading not to go on the tragic Northwest flight 255 which crashed just outside Detroit Metro airport in 1987. Her client was going to be on that flight in a few days. This reading was recorded on cassette tape as all of her readings were back then; her client left the tape behind with her family in Michigan and went on the flight anyway.

Jerry Stanecki productions received the tape from the family. After hearing the tape, he produced a special on Wendy and it aired on ABC channel 7. Jerry did not know if he believed in psychics, but after spending time with Wendy he felt that he did indeed need to rethink his opinion of psychics.

HER DEATH EXPERIENCE: In 1986 Wendy died in the hospital following a routine surgery. While in recovery she had a pulmonary embolism and experienced sudden death. Dr. Michael Steward of Providence hospital was trying to revive her when he witnessed her spirit energy (a light mist, as he described it) leaving her body. Later after successfully resuscitating Wendy, Dr. Steward asked her, “What did you experienced while you were dead?” She had much to share with him.

THOUSANDS ATTENDED: After recovering, Wendy held a seminar expecting a few hundred people; thousands showed up to the door over the next three weekends, all to hear what transpired during her death experience…

Her only son became suddenly ill in 1994 and was rushed to the hospital after experiencing a grand mall seizure, his diagnoses: Viral Encephalitis.

Wendy had to stay by her son, taking care of him, praying and visualizing his full recovery. Through the Grace of God, her son has now fully recovered.

WENDY IS BACK! (Formally known as Wendy Nugent)
After fifteen years, (as promised) she is back on the air doing live readings. Her new professional name; Wendy Powers and she now practices in Novi, Michigan. Visit her website and make your private appointment at:

HER NEW RADIO SHOW on Body Mind Spirit Radio:
“Wendy Powers the Clairvoyant Counselor”
Wendy will do live readings and discuss her death experience on her PREMIER SHOW: Tuesday March 5th at 1:00 pm EST., Listen every first Tuesday of the month on:


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