Ascension in the New Year


Welcome to 2013! While the Mayan Calendar indicated December as the end of the world, I interpret it as the end of our old soul contracts and the beginning of a new focus for life on earth.

During the transition from the old contracts to the new, qualities of unconditional love and unity with The Essence of Truth (or God) will increase within our individual selves and the world as a whole. On the decrease will be fear, judgment, hatred and lack.

Ascension is the process by which your energy and consciousness rises into harmony with The Essence of Truth within you. As your vibration rises, your higher consciousness is increasingly able to live within your body and soul. To accommodate that change, energy blocks in body, emotion, mind, and genetic makeup are clearing out of your body and aura. Think of pancake batter on the fry pan and the bubbles rising to the surface and then popping. Many people are experiencing energy clearings that they describe as feeling like that. Something comes up, feels strange, like a bubble rising slowly. It temporarily feels stuck and uncomfortable and then it just lifts off and they feel clearer and lighter.

Old traumatic issues may come to consciousness, also like the pancake batter analogy. You may feel them for a while and then they seem to clear and a new sense of wholeness and peace is experienced. It is helpful during this process not to react to those old memories, but to hold on to your truth and focus in the present allowing the old stuff to rise up and be released. Welcome The Essence of Truth (God) to be there with you all the way in the past where the events occurred and in the present where you are remembering them now. Ask unconditionally loving energy to surround the memories and the feelings and to heal them. Meditate on what you have gained through the experiences so you can claim your ability to be stronger and more loving for having survived them. Get human help with this if needed.

It helps to have a focus of unconditional love and truth within yourself to hold onto as your body, soul and the world around you transform. There is a lot of surrender and trust needed during this process and you will want it to go as easily as it can.

In December’s Body Mind Spirit Guide I wrote an article called Staying Close to Your Truth which teaches a candle meditation to help with this experience. You can access that article at . On December 11, on Body Mind Spirit Radio I taught another technique to access your Inner Wisdom as a focus of your true self during the ascension. You can access that in the archives of In Touch Interviews with Annette Abinunder Ascension in the New Year at . These tools can help you to nurture the growth of the new world within yourself. Your new world self is already present within you, keep your focus on that and don’t fight what feels crazy and untrustworthy in the outer world or even within yourself. That crazy and untrustworthy stuff is passing away; just let it go like bubbles in pancake batter!

Your body is ascending all the way down to your genetic makeup. Because of this you may experience some physical symptoms that make it appear as though you are ageing or feel quite uncomfortable. When doctors seem confused about the diagnosis and symptoms are very intense for a while but then they just go away; it is probably the ascension process working something out of your system.

You are being birthed into a new experience! Births are always intense, but wonderful and exciting too! When the time comes for a child to be born, there is nothing to do but ride the birth pangs into their new life. We are officially riding those waves on planet earth as of 2013.

Planet Earth and all life forms on it are going through a death of the old and birthing of the new. The more people consciously cooperate with the process, the gentler it will be for everyone. All of us who have been doing our part, raising our own consciousness over recent decades, and who live increasingly from love and truth, have had a huge effect on the overall experience of this transition. We are 3.5 yrs. ahead of schedule and sitting good to ride this change. Looked at from the present perspective, indications are that the planetary shifts will be only about 30% as challenging as predictions had foretold; and that we are already about 10% of the way through. So, even though it is tough in many ways on the planet right now, it is going to be OK. We will come through this and be better for the experience. This is the end of the old world contracts, but more importantly it is the beginning of the new world and we are here to experience it! How exciting is that!


Eve Wilson



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