Let’s be clear about this — you are intuitive/psychic for sure! It doesn’t matter if you don’t trust your intuitive self yet. It’s there to help you with decision making in all areas of your life.

You can tap into your intuitive/psychic self effectively to boost your success rate regarding:

• Relationships, including Romance

• Business Decisions

• Job Search

• Health

• Creativity

Here are five easy tools to help you work with your intuition. Start by writing down a one-part question. For example, “Would it be best for me to sell my house within the next six months?” is a one-part question. “Would it be best for me to get a different job and move to the country?” is a two-part question.

Each part needs to be asked separately. Try one of these tools to get your answer and don’t try to force anything. Intuition comes through allowing and trusting what you get, not by having an attachment to a certain result.

Five Easy Psychic Tools

1. Hold the question up to your heart. Does your heart feel light, open, or happy? Or does it feel tight or constricted? Your heart will let you know how it feels about your decision. If your heart feels good, the decision will be favorable.

2. Ask an inanimate object such as a lamp to give you an answer. No, really, I’m serious. What thoughts come into your mind from the object? This technique works amazingly well for many people. The burden of the answer is taken from you and transferred to something outside of you. This makes the answer objective rather than subjective. You are off the hook!

3. Ask your question while you are driving and tune in various radio stations expecting an answer. This can be quite entertaining and rewarding.

4. Drink tea. If the tea tastes good it’s a ‘Yes’, and if it doesn’t, it’s a ‘No’. If you don’t get the answer immediately but the tea feels good in your stomach later, it’s a ‘Yes’.

5. Ask for the answer while you sleep. Put the question under your pillow and think about it as you drift off to sleep. Expect that when you wake up in the morning you will have received the needed information during the night. The very first thing the next morning, ask the question again and check in with your body. Does it feel mellow and confident? This would be the, ‘Yes’ response. If your body feels uneasy or anxious, the conclusion would be, ‘No’. Pay attention to the thoughts that come to mind in the morning as well, because answers also come this way.

Some of these tools will work better for you than others. Everyone is different. Trust the intuitive answers you get, rather than second-guessing yourself and your abilities will increase quickly!


Shala Kilmer


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