How to Let 2013 Be the Best Year Ever


I took Self Acceptance Process to the streets in October.  The idea was to have Compassionate Witnessing Booths where people would be seen and loved for their innate magnificence.  As they stood in front of the booth, people would ask “what is this about?’.   The reply would be “We are simply loving you as you are.” The next word out of their mouth would be “What’s the cost?”.  They were surprised someone just wanted to love them, with no agenda.

Even with the cold weather we had many people step into the booth. Although they could remain silent, many people wanted and needed to talk. As people were being given the energetic permission to just be themselves, what was heavy on their heart, naturally came out.

Listening to people that day was a common theme among all the stories: “I feel I am here to do something. I hate my job, but I need money. I feel trapped”.   I have heard many variations of this theme with now over 23,000 session hours while raised in the healing field.  The details change but the story centralizes around: “I want to make a difference and/or know my purpose, but I don’t know how. And….I have to keep on doing what I am doing because I have to pay the bills!

What most people don’t realize is that they have put themselves in a holding pattern.  They are remaining the same and waiting for some future good to free them of their circumstance. This doesn’t work.  People are trying to live like they are in a Science Fiction movie where a space ship is traveling for 2000 years to another planet and the people inside are put in a homeostasis capsule. When they wake up they will not have changed or aged but they will be on a new and better planet.  The problem is, our new planet and your life, is not going to just happen without you inwardly and outwardly participating.

You can’t remain the same and have life change. Likewise you can’t change and have life stay the same. This is impossible.  This may sound overly simple, but the truth is always simple. The problem is we have a society that focuses on changing the condition to bring happiness rather than changing our self- perceptions. We think thoughts like, “When I get that new job, new partner, more money…then I will be happy!” Haven’t you at times gotten what you wanted and still not found happiness?

Many do not know to do the yin (feminine), then yang (masculine). Look within and accept (yin) then direct your thoughts and take action (yang).  If you cultivate the soil, the fruit will be larger. Likewise when you tend the soil of your mind, through self acceptance, the fruit in your life is greater AND you get to enjoy it.

You will only receive the love, prosperity or joy that you feel you deserve. How you see yourself will be reflected back as your life.

You have everything within you to change your life; you just have to be willing to get still, look within and forgive yourself. You have to take radical accountability for your happiness with radical self compassion.  The teacher, book or method to compliment your growth will show up, or many times, you may already have the book or teacher right front of you.

Know you have something to radiate, give and shine every day. Stop waiting for a romantic partner, job change, or some deity to free you. You have to plug into the ocean of support within first to be able to feel it and utilize the universal power.  God, Source or Creation is always there, but you can only feel it, and joyfully flow in it, if you take time to connect within (love yourself, let go, and choose your thoughts).

Your mind, body and emotion are like a three prong plug. Feel the pain with compassion (emotion). Let go of the need to be right or let go of your opinions (mind). Feed your body good food, water and exercise (body). As you nurture your ‘3 prongs’ you plug into the universal source that can now work through you, as you, and in you.

Source or God can only give to you what you are willing to feel within and become.  Take one small step within and Life will reveal to you what little action to take.  As you take this action from your inner alignment, the fruit of your actions will be great. Action without taking time to cultivate your inner soil, will give you the same life you have been living.  Daily admit your crazy thoughts, let go of old grudges, go through the pain, choose love, and a greater more magnificent you will be realized. Daily use your tools of mediation, yoga, journaling, healing sessions etc… And your life will change.

Many times when someone decides to do their inner work, and give fully of themselves each day, they find they are exactly where they need to be. They see that they are a healer and teacher disguised as an accountant, cashier, father, or mortgage closer etc….  The world needs healers in all facets of service, to help this new paradigm of community, and peace to be born within the consciousness of humanity.

You have a divine destiny awaiting you. Your gifts, talents and beauty are waiting for you to give them full permission. Put to rest the person you have created for the world to love and allow a greater indefinable amazing you to be expressed.  You are far greater than you let yourself be. As you allow a greater you to come forward each day, you will spontaneously be living your purpose and life will then align conditions to meet your new decided set point of greatness.


Call for transformational Self Acceptance Process TM sessions or come to 3rd Thursday gathering 7-9pm here at Accepted As I Am. November 11th 10-5pm, I will be doing another Compassionate Witnessing booth at Raw Eco-Fest, Laurel Manor, Livonia.


Love to love you, and meet you face to face! Love, Barbra White.




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