Breaking Free


This spring get ready to experience life in a new way. Much as February’s freezing rain cracked off ice-encrusted trees during the strong winds that followed, many old beliefs and illusions have broken free over this year’s harsh winter. Because of that, people are finding themselves able to respond to life with a fresh perspective and energy.

The shift I am writing about is not a surface or temporary one, but a profound restructuring of our inner lives that may leave some people feeling confused, disoriented, or strangely fatigued. Successfully living within our newly remodeled selves requires a different way of focusing our consciousness. We can try to keep functioning in the old way, but it will feel like lifting a heavyweight. What is needed is to embrace more of our potential and learn to do things in ways that are more whole, grounded, and flexible. This current shift is one step in the journey of ascension that we are all undergoing here on earth.

Like a house undergoing a remodel, our human selves are being updated. While that is happening different rooms in the house of our being become temporarily unavailable for our living. So when I said to be flexible, I mean for example that there will be days when those used to directing their lives primarily from their mind and third eye will find them under re-construction and not working well! This means they will need to focus from their heart, navel, or their root chakra instead. When we let go of our usual way of focusing and controlling our lives and relaxing into our whole body, we will find there is another way to center within which allows us to fulfill the requirements of those days. A gift of this is that it forces us to step out of our limited box of self-identity and begin to learn to use our whole self. There is a great deal more we can do from our whole self than with the small focus we habitually have used!

What is happening is that our human selves are rising in vibration and function in order to hold greater unity with our Higher Spirit Selves. This season’s beautiful shift is one of many that individuals will undergo over the next 10 yrs. or so. Over that time we will repeatedly have to let go of the way we have been seeing ourselves and of approaching our lives in order to be more whole, unify with our Higher Selves, and realize our greater potential.

The amazing thing about this process is that it is happening in response to something bigger and wiser than us. We really can’t make it happen or stop it from happening; it is as organic as a seed sprouting in the moist soil of spring. What we can do is cooperate with this process rather than resisting or fearing it. We can awaken in the morning and be ready to experience ourselves in a new way, to focus our energy through whatever rooms in the house of our being are stable today. There we will learn to live successfully in a more whole way through every aspect of ourselves, instead of just those parts we are accustomed to using. We are ascending, something we have been working toward since the dawn of creation and these shifts are essential to that process.

Behind the physical forms of life exists the clear spiritual reality that is our Higher Selves. All forms have been evolving toward unity with that clear spirit for so long that we have forgotten that it is our ultimate goal to achieve this unity. Now is the time for us to realize this goal, and it requires us to let go of our assumptions about life and self and to experience ourselves in entirely new ways. Fortunately, these changes happen in stages and have been going on now for over 200 years. Since December 2012 we have been undergoing an exponential shift toward this goal which will finish in about 25 years for all life on earth. It’s helpful to remember that these changes in us and our world are being directed by a higher intelligence and unconditional love of the clearest levels of our spiritual source and the chaos we see is only transitional. All life is preparing to enter a new and ascended place of wholeness and well-being and letting go of the old is essential to reaching that destiny.

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