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Healing Touch Center of Farmington Hills Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
By Hattie Peraino

Since March 1999, The Healing Touch Center of Farmington Hills has welcomed many clients, providing an experience of healing energy that balances body, mind, and spirit in a very heart-centered atmosphere. Throughout its 20 years of operation, the Center has served hundreds of individuals, helping people of all ages… children, adults, and senior citizens… to explore the role that energy plays in self-healing. The Center also provides workshops for those new to energy work, mentorship for practitioners who are working toward certification, and classes for all five levels of Healing Touch coursework.

Endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association, Healing Beyond Borders is a non-profit, world-wide organization that certifies Healing Touch practitioners in this complementary modality that supports standard medical practice. Student healers are trained in techniques that focus on releasing stress, easing pain and balancing a client’s biofield. The process to become certified is rigorous and takes approximately two years; requirements are designed to bring the student practitioner from a novice level to certification. In addition to providing treatment sessions to 100 clients, tasks include reading books on energy work, experiencing alternative healing modalities and participating in a number of outreach opportunities. The ethics of providing energy work for others is also addressed.

In Healing Touch a variety of techniques are available to prepare the body for the best outcomes pre/post surgery, to reduce mental stress and mind “clutter”, to remove toxins from the body, particularly after chemotherapy treatments, and, of course, to support on-going self-care. A typical Healing Touch session lasts approximately one hour and begins with an intake interview where the practitioner gains information about the client’s issues. A client may share stories of personal loss, sources of stress or the location of physical pain. This information guides the treatment but the healing techniques are always directed by the flow or lack of energy that the practitioner senses when working in the client’s biofield. The client is asked to remove shoes and eyeglasses and rest on a massage table; the client’s only job is to relax and be open to receiving healing energy!

First, the practitioner does an energetic assessment which sets the context for the treatment session. Specific healing techniques are used to expand the field, energize and balance the chakras and release congested energy. After the treatment, clients often relate that they have sensed colors, felt a release of pain or experienced a heightened sense of inner peace and balance. They leave the Center renewed and revitalized, their body, mind, and spirit recharged.

20 Years of helping clients to heal… 20 years of heart-centered work! Many lives have been enhanced by the sessions offered at the Healing Touch Center in Farmington Hills, a place where a community of healers is always ready to support others in their journey toward wellness. On March 30th, over 70 practitioners will gather together to share memories, celebrate the on-going success of the Center and envision the future of this sacred work.

Hattie Peraino is a Healing Touch practitioner. For more information on the Healing Touch Center visit: or leave a message at 248-788-5808 to schedule an appointment. To learn more about Healing Beyond Borders and the energy work being done around the world, visit


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