Bringing the Sweetness Home


When I was young I lived my life in the sweet place of spirit, and this was always my home. Slightly out of body (and sometimes exceedingly out of body) I rose above my lower nature and the negative reactions I would otherwise have had to work through in a world where I wasn’t safe. In this higher place, my heart could be open, and I could be relaxed. My spiritual vision and wisdom evolved, and my imagination and love of the magic of life flourished, allowing me to grow into the intuitive healer I eventually became.

But life required more of me, and I eventually succumbed to the call of marriage and motherhood which grounded me into the world, and there I found that I was just like everyone else. When out of body I would say honestly that I never got angry, but once I landed in my body I found all the lower nature reactions were present. The deeper I grew into my grounded, responsible, committed self, the more I learned about the state of being human and the power, pleasure and challenge of mastering that. For the many clients and students, I have who also lived somewhat out of body, I have taught that it is well worth learning to master the grounded experience. The deeper connection with life, pleasure and personal authority you can experience is priceless! However, the work of mastering emotions, thoughts and reactions is significant and can be challenging.

When I first began to live more fully in my body, I would go back and forth; from being grounded and responsible during my work hours, I would then be flying into spirit any time I was free too. But over time I became aware of how by leaving my body I was abandoning myself and I needed to be grounded to care for and protect myself. I got tired of inadvertently giving my power away and allowing others to use and abuse me. Then when my lack of attention almost took my life, I determined to make a deeper commitment to myself. I learned to be increasingly present to my own needs and to my relationships, making sure that I was in integrity on both counts, caring for what was important.

Recently I recognized that the time has come to bring the sweetness that I knew when I lived mostly in spirit, also into the places within my most earthy human self which I have been learning to embrace. It is like I have built the house of my grounded human self, so now I get to decorate it with my favorite colors, patterns, and qualities of light! When I ask in meditation – How do I do this? – what I find is that I ascend my earthiness into unity with my sweet spirit and welcome my Higher Self to be present in even the most menial of tasks and most challenging times.

I have the tools to do this, but making it an every moment adventure is new. Remembering to include my Higher Self when I am working on the computer, responding to emails, handling phone calls, dealing with the limitations and frustrations of internet systems that fail or don’t make sense and the frustrations of long waits on the phone for help… among other of life’s frustrations, makes a huge difference in my experience. Or, when reading about current events, remembering to keep a God’s-Eye-View so I don’t get caught in the old world as it is breaking down. Remembering this only happens to allow things to be reborn at a higher level in what we call the new world.

The meditation I have been given to help me is this: I am walking in the new world and the new world is within me. With every step, every action, I am practicing this, remembering to be grounded in the new world which is a way of saying the place where unity with my Higher Self is my reality. This is home, and it is wherever I am when I remember to be there. (For more about the journey of ascension into the new world, my award-winning blog and my book can answer your questions – find them in my bio)

I am excited to bring my natural lightness and joy more fully into my most grounded aspects of human self. Here I find the authority of my Higher Self caring for my human self in the loveliest ways. There are many of us “butterflies” in the world. I hope my story inspires you to join your spiritual with your earthly self. If I can help you do this, please let me know!


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