Can You Hear Me Now?


Have you ever been at a crowded event, when you suddenly noticed your attention drifting away from the conversation in front of you to one that’s on the other side of the room? Perhaps it’s more colorful than the one you’re engaged in. We’re all guilty of doing this at one time or another. Why do you suppose this happens so easily?

As children, we had short attention spans. Everything around us pulled our attention away from the task at hand. Parents, teachers, and coaches work tirelessly to keep kids engaged, but children are easily distracted and shift their focus frequently. As time passes, this same level of distraction is occurring with everyone in society.

So much is vying for our attention. Distracted driving has become a deadly problem. Advertising is everywhere we look. Everything on the news is suddenly a “Breaking News” story. Even the weather reports are being blown out of proportion. Windy days are being labeled “cyclone bombs” …..really? And, if that isn’t enough, there seems to be a growing obsession with reporting every life event on social media. Have you noticed how different it is to sit in a waiting room these days? Everyone sits in silence, staring at their phones, while a television set up on the wall is telling us about the latest gadget or drug.

Distractions, distractions, distractions. And, through all of this, more people than ever are feeling lost, distraught and without purpose in life. Hmmm. Could there be a connection? Of course, there is! How can you stay connected to your inner guidance system if you allow your attention to be scattered all over the place and fixed on things of this physical world? And, how do you make the shift to change this?

The solution is so easy, it’s laughable. It’s silence. A rare commodity these days, but still achievable, moments of silence easily provide the perfect atmosphere for tapping into that inner compass that draws you into the right direction. However easy it may sound, we’ve all become so accustomed to the noise and distractions in our lives, that it can be really tough to dial it back.

At first, sitting still and looking inward can feel uncomfortable. We’ve become so used to running around, non-stop, that we feel guilty about sitting still. Dialing back the noise and making time for these moments don’t come easily. Think of this process like going to the gym. When you start up a gym membership, you don’t immediately start lifting the heavyweights. You gradually build your way up to that level of endurance. It’s like that when you reconnect with your inner guidance. Being able to release the busy thoughts and the need to be constantly moving, requires patience and practice.

These times of daily reflection should not be considered a luxury — they’re a necessity. If you want direction in your life, you must be prepared to pay attention, long enough, to receive it. Your angels, guides and loved ones in spirit are constantly with you — whispering in your ear and placing people, events, and circumstances in front of you to help you along your way.

Whether it’s daily meditation, walks in nature or sitting in the sunshine, make sure to incorporate time every single day to tune into the guidance that’s always there to help you through life.


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