Twilight, Time and Everyday Magic


The middle of the year is here. Can you believe it? It seems as if “time” is slipping right on by, faster and faster, doesn’t it? I believe in cultivating everyday magic, and I feel that my life is a precious gift. I want to experience and remember the day-to-day moments. I want them to glisten, to prevent them from fading fast. I want them to have weight and slow down the clicking of the clock. So I did a little digging about this.

There are the major life moments, like a baby shower where I get to see so many people that I care about in one room. There’s a compliment from a close friend. A treasured gift. A vacation of a lifetime. An unforgettable birthday or graduation party that gets talked about weeks after to keep the joy of it alive. It turns out, moments like these, seem to stretch time because they are special, and out of the ordinary. They’re outside the realm of life’s regular routine.

Life seems to fly by when we stop noticing the butterflies in spring, and the first fireflies at twilight with wide-eyed wonder like we did as children. When our to-do lists take over and our dreams lay in waiting for us to kiss them awake again. We’ve sped up life to warp speed. Our bones are tired and our hearts ache for something we can’t name. When all we acquire and save for, can’t even create interest on the time that is gone.

But hope is never lost. A look between lovers ignites deja-vu. A long overdue deep breath delivers forgiveness. Every day is a promise at sunrise. And a silvery moon comes calling to whisper magic into the night. May the moments in between, stretch time sweetly before you.


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