Chakra Balancing — the Master Key of Self Integration


By Ikaro Phoenix

While many of us are aware of the different parts of our self functioning simultaneously, each one however often functions independent of the others — the body functioning in one way, the mind and emotions in another and the spirit in another.

However, each one of us tends to be predominated by one of these parts, as the way we express our self and use them to navigate our life. For some, it’s what their body is experiencing, whether it’s pleasurable to them or unpleasurable, which dictates the value of the experience they are having and where they want to be. For others, their mind and emotions dictate the experience they are having, giving the meaning to things or dictating how they perceive. Others relate most strongly with their spirit, seeing the subtle realities yet feeling discontented from what is happening physically and psycho-emotionally with what is going on around them.

We are all these things, but when they are disintegrated we do not feel in agreement within our self and there tends to be a state of disagreement where the parts are pulling us in different directions — one wants to go out to eat, relax and have a night of wild fun and another part wants to eat healthy, rest-up and spend time meditating.

The result is what is often called, inner conflict. It is not easy to address the state of inner conflict because it tends to leave us in a state of depleted energy and usually one side wins out and not always the one that we would want. So, looking at this inner conflict directly, is not always fun or easy because of the different levels functioning; managing them is not always something we have a lot of experience or skills to do. So we learn to cope with our state of inner conflict, which tends to mask our underlying imbalance.

How do we address this state of imbalance and the coping mechanisms we develop? We need to work in a way which our body — the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual — can come into a state of agreement naturally and at a level, we can sustain.

We only have so much energy we can restore our self with because much of it is tied up in our day-to-day state of affairs, and to just drop everything for total body/mind/spirit integration is too radical of a change for 99% of us.

What causes our disintegration in body, mind, and spirit? We have blockages, also called, negative impacts, which do not allow the energy to flow. These impacts can be due to traumas done to us or passed on to us from others generationally or ancestrally.

These blockages can be masked by the ways in which we have learned to cope with them. This can be through unhealthy lifestyle practices such as substance abuse, drug abuse, an unhealthy diet, little or no exercise, a stressful job, stressful personal relationships, or electromagnetic stress from a bombardment of artificial electrical devices, from computers and cell phones to power lines and earth radiations.

To deal with this state of underlying imbalance we also have to remove the coping mechanism we have covered it up with. Bringing our system into a state of agreement involves navigating this web of influences so that we are in harmony both physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. To do this requires following the natural intelligence of our body. In other words, when the obstacles to balance and harmony are removed, our system will naturally restore its balanced state.

This is why a practice such as Chakra Balancing is a mastery key to restoring harmony and balance in our system and reintegrating us in body, mind, and spirit. The Chakra acts on all three levels of a human being. When the system is brought into a level of basic balance, the system comes into harmony and begins to restore itself. It removes obstacles and from within we recognize what needs to change. This can be a physical change such as exercising more, changing our diet, or eliminating a substance abuse habit. It could be a psychoemotional change such as disconnecting from a dysfunctional relationship or devoting more time to spiritual development, or a combination of changes.

However, there is one thing our own self knows, and that is that we have the energy to handle beneficial changes right now. By balancing the Chakra system, our own natural intelligence begins to devote that energy to gradually or very quickly bring our system into a state of higher integration.

Our Chakras are like the blueprints of our being. By bringing them into balance the system begins to receive the information it needs to function harmoniously on all its levels and express our self how we would like to be living here — in agreement between body, mind, and spirit.

By working with the natural intelligence of our Chakra system, it gently, non-invasively, and very effectively brings about the changes we would like to see in ourselves in a way that is self-sustainable because it’s coming from within our self.

Ikaro Phoenix is a Certified Xolar Vibronics Holistic Health Educator and Natural Life Coach living in Ann Arbor, MI. For more information call: 734-210-0463. Email: or visit:


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