Trust Yourself


Have faith in the person that life has made you be. Acknowledge the strength, wisdom, and compassion that life’s challenges have shaped you to develop. Honor who you are now so that you can take the next step towards your joy.

You were born for greatness, and this is by divine design. Accepting this does not make you arrogant. When someone identifies as their true nature, they are kinder, more compassionate, and patient. We act how we identify. Identify as great, and you will act great. Fear disguises itself as ambitious pushing, superiority, and sarcasm. The love, creativity, and strength you have seen even glimpses of in yourself… is your true self.

Fear will hide in socially acceptable words as “stressed” or “overwhelmed.” You are only stressed because you stopped listening to yourself. You have the wisdom of the cosmos within you. You are a cosmic happening in a local phenomenon. You have the power of God placed within you. Stop pretending to be small; face your fear.

Open to the next chapter of your life. Stop rehashing old stories. The mind thinks it is protecting you from future pain through this rehashing, while all the while keeping the pain alive in the present moment. Learning to listen in the present is about learning to lean into trust.

Trusting another is about trusting yourself to listen to your inner guidance and have clear discernment. There are certain principles that you can consistently trust. For example, you can always trust people to operate at their current level of consciousness. Cynicism about people or life is only an excuse to not take that next step, course, job, creative project, or new connection, etc. You can also trust who you are. Stop making your inaction about “others” and take that next step now. You cannot have the same experience, because you are not the same person. You are not your experiences, and you are the wisdom gained from them.

There is no such thing as rejection. Life just helped you to see what or who was best for you at the time. Stop believing others have the power to define who you are. You are an energy being, a Soul, a full expression of light seeking to express itself into a greater form. There is a job, opportunity, new connection, or new mate waiting for you to open up. You lack nothing. You have all the qualities of the Divine within you right now.

Say to yourself every morning, “I have. I do have the answers within. I got this. Life supports me in being my true self.” Life is organized to support you in being your fullest self, just as the system is already a natural part of our ecology or your biology (i.e., circulatory system or biosphere). Your life has self-organizing, self-correcting, and intrinsic order operating within its matrix. As you trust who you are more, you open to the flow, harmony, or intelligence waiting for you to participate.

You can have a fully satisfying career, sex, financial, and spiritual life. You are right where you need to be. Experience has prepared you for this moment. Your limitations are just thoughts. Can you see that? A belief is just a thought you have thought a whole bunch. Change your thoughts, and you can change your life.

On that note: you do no one a favor by feeling bad. Emotional pain is a necessary, challenging, and beautiful part of life. Emotional pain helps us stabilize and open to the good that is waiting for us. As we feel, we reveal more God on the planet, because feeling is truth, and truth is love. However, this feeling process is different than intentionally feeling bad for a loved one or the earth crisis. In actuality, your joy is the greatest gift you can give towards suffering animals, family, or earth.

Stop believing that feeling bad is “the way” to show your love. Give yourself the full permission to be your true brilliant self and follow your joy now. The key words here are “permission” and “follow.” Permission–because only you have the power. No one can give you your brilliance or take it away. Follow–because if you are willing, you will be guided. Show your love to others in a mutually transformational way, by being fully yourself, opening to the good life has to offer, and taking steps towards your highest joy. Your living example is your greatest way to teach.

Love your life by awakening to the life you have right now. Stop waiting for your joy in the future. It is here now. Trust the person you have become. Everything in your life was designed to show you that your true self is bigger than any condition or issue. In remembering who you truly are, you activate a different reality now.

If you feel stuck, then the potential for abundance, opportunity, and change is even greater. It is never too late to open, take steps, and trust who you truly are. Every detail of your life is meant to be just as it is, organized just for you, to discover joyfully, the brilliance you have always been.

You are at the effect of the reality that you choose. You are a spiritual being having a spiritual experience. Trust your innate brilliance and live from a knowing of the greatness that is God-given and that only requires your inward permission. Choose to live from center.

Come dance, play, and explore the intrinsic energetic webs waiting to bring you fully alive at the August 15-18 Tantric Shamanism retreat, co-facilitated by me and tantric teacher, Michelle Tupko. This retreat will be a combination of workshops in self-acceptance, conscious intimacy, animal communication, spiritual oneness, and embodied joy.

In addition to my mentoring healing programs, I started Mother Bear Sanctuary. We do nature programs for children and nature-based retreats. The recent rescue is four chicks are teaching me so much. The chicks spend most of their day in a boring square container with little to explore. But, when I place them in the grass, they do not hesitate, and they engage everything around them with a robust curiosity.

I wonder what would happen if we humans brought even half that amount of curiosity to our own lifeā€¦ if we no longer used the current container we feel trapped in, as an excuse, to not open. Animals are incredible teachers in trusting our own true nature. Wishing you the courage of a baby chick to remain curious to life!

Love to connect with you soon.


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