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Many of you are aware of the aura, which is in a continuous flux of color and density. Your moods and even your state of health are reflected within your aura and can change within a moment. Have you ever felt deeply sad or depressed, and then something changed your mood to laughter or happiness? If you had a video camera on your aura you would see the vibration of the aura change and colors would become bright and colorful according to your mood. You can see within the aura your mood, health and even your level of spiritual development. You can even tell when someone is being untruthful by the density and color of their aura.

There are seven layers to your aura, however, many people can only see the inner layers of the aura as they are denser. Psychics and healers can be highly attuned to the different qualities and colors of the aura; some see it, and others may only feel its energy field. The outer layers of the aura are less dense which makes them more difficult to see and feel. When there is a less vibrant color to our aura, and it appears gray or dense, this means we are in an unhealthy place with either our physical body or emotional state of being.

All living things have an aura. We can feel this energy field when we shake the hand of another person or even feel their presence when they enter the room. Our first impression of someone is not just judged by their appearance, but how their energy field reflects who they are. We are not even aware of this exchange of information, but you know you either like them or feel like you cannot trust them in that first contact.

Mostly we are taught not to follow our instincts which is why many people will rely on their pet (usually dogs) to detect the person’s true nature. We have all heard the saying, “If my dog likes you then I know you are good people.”

I also believe that we can be influenced by the colors we surround ourselves within our environment. You may have heard about different color studies that state our mood within different color rooms. For example, blue in the kitchen calms you and does not stimulate your appetite the way a green or white kitchen will. Therefore, I have accented my kitchen with blue in hopes of not over-stimulating my appetite.

If you are dealing with depression, you might want to decorate your home brightly and bring in orange or yellow as accent colors. Red can make for a stimulating romantic accent color in your bedroom, but if another room such as the living room is painted all red, it might evoke anger. If you just have an accent wall in a dark red, it can work for a more romantic mood. So, surround yourself with colors that you would like to reflect in your mood.

Here are some basic decor mood color tips to help guide you:

Red – of course this color has been reflected in some of our expressions such as; “to see red” which indicates a blind rage of anger. In moderate splashes of red, you can find that it stimulates a sexy mood.

Orange – This color is associated with friendly emotions and very much a people person. Dark Orange can indicate a mood of depression or ill health, however brighter orange reflects a happy more highly motivated mood.

Yellow – is a color reflecting intellect and uplifting thoughts. Can bring out the happy in your environment and mood.

Indigo – This color with Violet colors brings a spiritual outlook on life and helps to deliver a higher purpose to life. It can also stimulate your intuition.

Green – is a color for healing and balance, putting this color in your environment plants are excellent, also add some green accent colors in your decor. You will experience an emotional and physical sense of wellbeing.

White – is a color of purity, wisdom, and truth. Pure white auras are very rare. You can surround yourself with white for instance in your kitchen. You will enjoy a feeling of a clean, open environment.

Black – in the aura can relate to emotional trauma or serious disease. However, as an accent color in your home, you can balance this color with the rich, vibrant colors, white walls withn black accents can bring an orderly clean elegance to your room and mood.

Wendy Powers Nugent


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