Windows, Part II


I want to tell you about a special moment in my life that has meant so much to me and it has to do with Windows of Time. My girl Friday, Bernice, and I decided to go to a bookstore, The Mayflower. Most of you have already been there many times; I have never met the owner, Robert Thibodeau.

I’d heard of him from time to time through the 30 years that I have been doing readings and meeting people. As I walked in the door, I was greeted by two people — one was a gentleman with a cute hat on his head of a rather slight build with a smile on his face. He was very inviting. There was also a beautiful young lady who also smiled at us. As I handed him my cards, mine and Michigan Psychic Fair, I introduced myself. He shook my hand and came around the corner to talk to me and Bernice. I was very interested.

He started to talk about a variety of things. We then got on about mantras along with all his teachings and knowledge. I am familiar with mantras, as I am with affirmations and how they can help you change your life. In my mind, I thought they were similar but as we talked, he hugged me, then demonstrated a mantra. I didn’t realize ALL these years I was doing it wrong. When I would say, “Om”, I didn’t take it past my throat, I didn’t go to all my chakras. As he was doing this mantra, my heart could feel the energy between the two of us. It was AMAZING.

Please don’t get me wrong, he was teaching me how to do a mantra correctly. “I thought I knew.” So much for what I know! As he was teaching me, the energy flowed through all my chakras and as it went through my mind, my throat, my heart, my entire body, chills like you get with goose-bumps, flooded me. It’s difficult to explain the feeling. It was awesome. He mentioned that, if you do it correctly, you end up in the flow of the universe. Being intrigued, naturally, I asked for more. LOL

The mantra he was saying was, “OM Mani Padme Hummmm”. I never felt such beautiful energy in my life! I felt it in all my chakras. I just wanted to hold it forever. Going through all my chakras, healing me, making me feel part of the universe and riding that magical wave. I cannot find adequate words to tell you, and I wish I could. What I will say is that I took it home with me. I truly enjoyed this magical moment. One of those major Windows in Time that changes your life forever in a meaningful, wonderful way. He felt that Om is (I am) the Mind, and Padme is the Flowering Heart manifesting the Flow of the universe, like riding the wave of your heart’s desire.

A mantra can become hypnotic, and you can do all kinds of things that can change your life.
As always, Love and Light from Pauline, Michigan Psychic Fair


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