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Washington Twp.
https://www.reiki4me.com – Rev. Kristina Greene, Evidential Spiritual Psychic Medium & Healer. Please call or email for appointment. E: [email protected] or C: 586-201-7438
West Bloomfield
Distance Sound Healing Session including MP3 sound recording of chant with Chakuna Machi Asa that you can listen to over and over again to open and activate your energy body. This session will help you to release blockages in your energy holding you back from your true clear path to wholeness and functioning life presence.
Specializing in Bowenwork! The amazing bodywork technique from Australia! Great for back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, hip, knee and ankle pain, TMJ & more!! Practicing bodywork since 1996!
Angelic Transitions Life Coach
Ann Arbor
Selene invites the highly healing vibrations of the Angels to her work with clients and to all the elements included in her courses so that the potential for healing will be exponentially increased. She is a bereaved mother who after the loss of her oldest child to cancer experienced a profound spiritual transformation that allowed her to heal her grieving heart and in the process develop a close connection to her child and to the Angels.
(859) 797-3919
Art As Therapy
You’re invited to learn “Art as Therapy” and discover your inner workings using the timeless method of image making with Art Therapist Toni Johnstone. Before man could utter a single word, he drew pictures. Children do the same thing, connect now to learn this powerful method.
Beayurvedic Center
Beayurvedic wellness center offers authentic Ayurvedic services and educational means to help generate a healthy and cheerful life
Hypnotherapy and behavior modification services.
Cook Breathe Create
Royal Oak
Hi! I am Zsanett, a Mindful Eating Teacher, Urban Yogini and TEDx speaker with some hardcore management consulting background.

At Cook Breathe Create I am here to empower people developing more conscious and joyful eating practices.

I offer One-on-One and Group sessions where we learn simple mindfulness practices, meditative eating, relaxation and breathing techniques, work with affirmation cards and use many more personalized tools.

Whether you are a businessman, a hippie, a coffee lover, a mom, an entrepreneur or a backpacker – I speak your language and I do speak the food’s language too.

I am looking forward to eating with you!