Embrace Your Mission


super-hero-shadow “Many are called but few are chosen,” Matthew 22:14

You have heard the mandate from spirit to be a fierce Love warrior on the planet. This is real. MANY are CALLED…because everyone has a mission to be Divine Love.

BUT few are willing (or chosen). Your willingness and devotion is the key to real inner JOY, miracles happening in your life, and change on the planet. I bow to each of you and to the journey we shall take together.

Like you, I have given my life to serve the One. (This commitment grows deeper and deeper over the years.) Like you, I long to be One with the One. Like you, I am committed to being a soldier of Love. We are all more alike, than we are different.

We can’t do it alone. We can do it with these four elements: Longing, Devotion to God, Willingness to grow, and a spiritual Tribe. You now have the elements for an Involution and Revolution. (Revolution happens from the involution.)

You are here to be a Divine Human. You were born to be love in action and a fierce warrior mid-wife to divine feminine Grace on Earth. There is NO ONE who can express it in the way you can. Your unique Soul’s signature is SO needed on the planet.

You ready? No? Ultimately, you never will be. Our spiritual freedom comes in many little deaths and births. There is an unprecedented death happening on Earth. 2/3 of wildlife will be gone by 2020, right NOW 50,000 species have become extinct, and children are dying of starvation….every minute. The time is now to step-up. The birth of the new paradigm needs you.

Self love and prayer alone, will not work. Action alone, will not work. The mystic and activist must be married within to become the Sacred Activist. (The term Sacred Activist is from “The Hope” by Andrew Harvey.) The time is now to do what you are here to do. Your mission and miracles have been waiting. There is NO greater JOY than being in service to God.

I have heard this hundreds of times from my students: “I want to make a difference on the planet…. but I don’t know what to do.” Fear has trapped them. It’s time to be BRAVE. There are so many groups who need help. Get off your butt!! Volunteering even a few hours a month can make such a huge difference. Action is needed, AND we must give from the fullness of eternity felt in OUR bodies…otherwise we will burn out, and be trapped in the incredible despair on the planet.

Your life as it is…IS also your mission. Your life IS the life of God. Everyone in your life, as it is now, is the key to your freedom. When you feel anything other than peace in someone’s presence, you have met a “teacher”. If you desire peace and real JOY, it would behoove you to take full responsibility of that feeling, love it and grow. Remove your projections of pain or pleasure from others daily.

You are God in human form. No one has “made you” feel a certain way….your maker has already made you. It is your job to discover this.

Felt inner peace as you gaze at someone in chaos, is how real true healing happens. It is what all the great masters taught. However, most would rather give advice, and deny the miracle, than do the deep inner work required.

Self acceptance, and spiritual practice are crucial to being an effective love warrior. We are here to cultivate GOD in our being AND serve. We are here to be love in ACTION.

Jump even when you feel like you’re gonna die…because you will die…..to your little self. It’s time.

The epic adventure begins: Self Acceptance Process Certification Course, January, 2017.
Please connect with me if you are called to attend. 734-455-1438.

On bended knee, the hero is found within.


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