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Espira is based on a spiral with 8 stages of development beginning with & prior to birth itself. The soul’s energy that resides deep within our psyche, the part of us are waiting for us awaken to. A much bigger picture of ourselves in relationship to others and our planet, In the Espira wheel, each stage of development also correlates to a energy center which is called a chakra, these energy centers are running thru our body and are spinning in a spiral, If they are not developed fully we could spend a life time repeating patterns, and not understanding what thoughts and issues may cause a chakra to stagnate. A key to gaining more self-knowledge, which can lead to more freedom and openness, is personal awareness as to where you might be stuck and find yourself in a repetitive life style. A new outlook as a result of Espira is an openness to hear your soul reveal its purpose and path and just what it will take to move forward.

Within the Spiral of 8 stages we move thru the first half of wheel and emerge with the acceptance to fully be here now and have complete embodiment, the awareness of your life’s purpose and how to get to where you want be, within alignment of the souls purpose, so you can start acting on this path.

Purpose and action are the second half of the Espira wheel and the next four stages of development and the chakra systems to support them, give us a more expansive point of view. “What can I do to be in action and awaken to my soul’s purpose?” When we begin living in our souls love of this life, right here, right now, acceptance of it all. A much bigger picture starts to appear and a freedom and flow that was withheld becomes a way of life, in this flow is the real essence of you, the authentic self, our true self, continues to emerge and the re-remembering starts to take place naturally.

Can you imagine that you’ve struck gold within yourself and now all it takes is for you to be you? Once clear you will begin to make decisions, not from old beliefs, or unconscious patterns and those passed down inherited issues. You be able to see with a greater clarity than ever before and feeling the energy balanced within the body and energy centers. As a result our self-love and love for others returns to an original state of ONENESS.

This experience continues in an ever expanding awareness of our world and our universal self, a sense of unlimited possibilities awaken. The Espira experience gives us the ears to hear the call of our soul purpose, and the ability to move in direction to also assist others, our planet, As your vibrational rates continue to accelerate, a tremendous clearing of old energy continues. Are you ready to get into action and move into greater ease and joy? Maximize your life; use your gifts and talents to enjoy life as never before. Higher levels of consciousness and cellular vibration make us a match within the new world that is awakening .Lack of self-responsibility is no longer an option; you can choose to re-remember who and what you really are .Now is the time! Will you evolve? Will you dare to awaken?

Join us in the exceptional transformative experience of Espira, your life will never be the same.


With Much Love and Light, in service to the Divine


Paula Rowe

Paula is a certified Breathworker.  She trained with and assisted Leonard Orr (Founder of Rebirthing International) & with Sondra Ray’s Loving Relationships Training Program, where she became a successful teacher, life coach, and lecturer.  Certified in the Espira Method of Healing, she has been in private practice for 14 years and resides in St. Clair Shores, she also teaches meditation classes. Contact her at: 586-295-0964


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