Fall Is The Season ~ So Prosper!


Open up to prosperity and abundance by simply intending Love, reminding yourself of Who You Truly Are, and forgiving regularly. Your mind will not accept that living a happy life can be that simple…but it is. Love is easy. Resisting loving yourself, or another takes a lot of work and causes you suffering. Love is in your inherent nature.

The only thing that matters is Love. If Love became the primary intention for your life, work, and relationships, I promise, your whole life would change, radically and powerfully. Committing your life to Love is a daily, moment by moment practice. Abundance, inner peace, and happiness depend more on what you are being, living and practicing, than on what you are believing.

Each day ask yourself, “How can I match my words, actions and behavior to the next highest expression of Love?”  Then wait and listen. Don’t let your mind answer. It will try. Your mind will immediately give you a list of do’s and don’ts like a fastidious school teacher. Your mind may also give you all the reasons why you can’t give love or why ‘they should’ give you love. Don’t listen. Allow your Higher Self-God to answer.

When you receive divine guidance it will not be in the way you have seen it or thought it before. If you already had the thought or perception then you wouldn’t need the guidance! An answer from the Divine (intuition) is spontaneous and felt. An answer from the mind will be in a linear and historical fashion. Thinking will not lead you to a new intuitive insight about living in greater Love.

As you ask the question of how to give and live in greater Love, allow a broader vision to come to you. Let go of what you ‘think’ you know, and allow the next understanding and thus expression of the True You to happen.

As you ask the above question every day, you allow a new you and new life to come forward!! God-Higher Self will give you a new perception on a daily basis if you ask. Life can be very exciting and a grand adventure if you allow this! You can only experience what you believe and perceive. If your life has stagnated, it is because you are not allowing yourself to grow.

Letting go of yesterday requires YOU, to allow a new you, to express forward. Most people are waiting to bring their FULL presence and self forward. “When I know my purpose, then I will live as if I matter.” “When I get out of this relationship, then I will truly Love.” The universe will only match what you are willing to express. Express Love! If you put your happiness on the ‘lay-a-way’ plan you will never get to truly own your gifts. Today is the day to fully show up, open up, and radiate. You have everything within you already; you just haven’t made the decision to fully radiate you. You are still waiting for a condition or person to change to give YOURSELF permission to fully be you.

You must be willing to fully admit your ‘stuff’ to allow God to heal it. Turn the bowl of ‘Mud’ (stories, pain) to the waters of Creation and let the healing happen. The ‘you’ that you define as you,(mind, body, emotion) does NOT do the healing. You can have instantaneous healing by fully owning and admitting your limitations. God already knows about them, no big secret! You just need to take full responsibility for your lack of happiness AND most importantly take this inner inventory with radical compassionate self-acceptance. The pain, stories and beliefs are not who you truly are, and are just ‘one big mental fart’.

Your pain and stories are a big deal on how it can create suffering, but NO big deal to heal. Your suffering is created in your mind and is not your fault or anyone else’s. Your mind will say “this is a big issue!” so that you do not have to admit your part, feel it, and turn the bowl up to the waters of God. You only hold onto what you identify with. You are not your thoughts, stories, feelings or body. There is so much more to you than what you think.

Look yourself in the eyes every day and repeat “You are…Love, Beauty, Laughter, Wisdom, etc…” Don’t let the world’s limited mediocre definition of how to be and live, shape you. Activate daily, your complete spark of Creation. You are employed by the presence, and fueled and funded by God. You have all the resources and wisdom to accomplish or attract what you need. Remind yourself of Who You Truly Are daily; otherwise you will be hypnotized into being average, fearing the economy, or comparing yourself to others to find yourself.

Forgiveness is a tool to remind yourself of your innate Divinity. Although there is nothing to ever truly forgive, because you can’t change the ‘Awesome-ness’ God created you to be. Ask before you go to bed at night “Who do I need to forgive?” Remember no one truly knows what they are doing. People are ruled and controlled by a lack of self-love, lack of self-direction and fear. We are all doing the best we can in the moment.
You didn’t create yourself, God did. You don’t have to try so hard to ‘make a name’ for yourself in the world. Trying to prove yourself only makes you inauthentic. There is nothing sweeter and more attractive than one who is free to just Be themselves. Let go to the YOU that is already here by using the practices of: acting from greater Love on a daily basis, forgiveness, and reminding yourself of your innate divinity.

The world can’t give you anything, you have it already. You either live in Love-God’s world or the chaos of the world. You do have a choice of which world you live in, and this depends on who you are allowing yourself to be and your intention to Love. You are powerful to shape your life. Be patient. Intend to Love in your daily life and you will not be the same person in a year. You are worth the effort of a daily practice and your healing greatly helps others.

In love,

Barbra White


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