Extra Good Exists In Your Body’s Muscles 


By Linda La Croix 

  Many of us reading this guide holistically view the body, meaning we view the whole body and all its energy fields, auras, and frequencies as being synergistic. What affects one affects the other. Not being a scientist, I have no formal name for this process. As a spiritual person who, like you, prefers to live life with the idea that our bodies are superiorly made from a power greater than us, I watch for things that support that. 

  In reading the research, you frequently can find amazement in how the human body functions. Energy healing takes place from within the auric fields. The Emotional Freedom Technique releases some deeply held feelings so that you can transform your life and enjoy living more. Prayer and meditation can take you into deep states of consciousness that can change your life. Plus, there are many products that support the body, but I am not addressing the volume of products. 

  Focusing on the innate aspects of the body, many people add acupressure or puncture, chiropractic, breathing techniques, reiki sessions, tuning forks, bio-feedback or other techniques to support wellness. All of these can and will help your body awaken itself to its own innate processes. It’s important to follow your physicians’ advice but also to keep your body aware of itself as it’s your connection to Source energy (God). The two work better in tandem. 

  Awareness of life itself can be viewed everywhere now in our new spring growth. After winter’s natural period of rest, new life is emerging; no guidance or direction is needed. Just plant and watch them grow! Nature grows from the natural process, the divine power from Source energy that exists within. If the Creator as Source energy is in all of nature, it has to be in our bodies too! 

  Hopefully, you also get excited by seeing or hearing about the activity of source energy being active within us. How amazing our bodies are made!

   In gaining knowledge, we open our conscious minds to something better than our current experience. Awareness is always the first key, which is why researching is so important. Perhaps you recall visiting a doctor as a child who would draw pictures of how your body should be working and then draw what your body was doing. The whole idea was to make your body aware of what it was supposed to be doing. This would give you the awareness of something better than your current experience. Something you could rise up to. 

  Recently, I became aware of a Stanford Psychologist and author, Kelly McGonigal. In her YouTube video, she speaks of how movement of our muscles and in exercising them releases chemicals she calls “Hope Molecules.” These molecules create more pleasant thoughts within your brain and change your motivation, weight, fears, anxiety, and reactions to grief or worry. 

Well, who doesn’t want that?

  It’s enough information for me to see there is something better to be happier with regarding muscle movements. You can choose from biking, dancing, swimming, yoga, running, walking, or your favorite exercise because movement is all that’s needed. If you don’t get out of the house much, become aware that vacuuming, mopping, and overall general housecleaning also require movement.

  Any movement is better than no movement!

 Like all good ideas, there isn’t just a video. There is also a book by Kelly McGonigal called The Joy of Movement. Mine is ordered; now I have to get into walking and moving more and maybe add some dance steps into my kitchen routine. Every day seek to honor your body, and your innate response will improve too.

  During prayer and meditation, we gain a big awareness by tapping into Source energy and understanding how our lives fit within the energy of the universe. With our new find on muscle movement, we can dig in and better understand how our bodies and the energy fields around them are interconnected. 

  Through this new awareness, we can find additional pathways to support our lives by incorporating muscle movements. Surely, that will make our lives better as we become more calm, grounded and peaceful on this earthly plane of existence. 

  Be healthier and stronger mentally and physically, and thank God, our Source, for working in and through us. So amazingly good!!!!

Blessings of abundance, health, and wholeness,

Linda La Croix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp3UWc2tOms


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