Fatigue is Fixable


Women today are becoming burdened with ever increasing amounts of stress. Many women who work outside the home are also mothers, the head of their household, and the main income earners. Common complaints from these women are that they do not feel like themselves. They are fatigued, can’t get their energy back, and are tired of being tired.

Fatigue occurs when the body simply does not have the nutrients it needs to create the energy that is demanded of it. The Standard American Diet (SAD) of high carbohydrate and no or low fats does not provide adequate nutrition for the body to make energy.

The body uses food to create energy. Twice as much energy is generated from a gram of fat compared to a gram of carbohydrates. The good fats have to come from a real food source, like fish, olive oil, butter, flaxseed etc. Women need to eat these fats daily in order for the body to make energy. Good fats are also essential for hormone production.

Fatigue comes from an exhaustion of the fuel that the body needs to make energy. Catalysts and enzymes are also necessary to help make the production of energy in the body. These are called vitamins and minerals. The body cannot adequately convert food into fuel if any of the necessary vitamins or minerals are missing.

Dr. Royal Lee wrote, “From Soil to Supplement” over 60 years ago. In this book he explains the link between the deficiencies in our health, and the deficiencies in our food supply because of mineral depleted soil. Whole food supplementation is essential now more than ever, since we cannot get all the nutrients that we need from what we eat.

Lack of energy is the result of an overall hormonal imbalance in the body. All the hormonal glands, including the thyroid and adrenals, need to work together. When the natural hormone precursors from vitamins and minerals are missing, the body is unable to make the needed amount of hormones. The thyroid needs iodine, as well as many other minerals. A great source of thyroid support is kelp or dulse (seaweed).

Fatigue and unwanted weight gain, with a failure to lose weight in spite of exercise and activity, is usually an indication of thyroid insufficiency. The feeling of stress, being overloaded and run down is usually an indication of adrenal insufficiency. Both the adrenals and the thyroid work together to influence energy and the stress response in the body.

The adrenal glands cannot produce the correct amount of stress-handling hormones or energy when the diet is deficient in minerals. The adrenal glands, located on top of the kidneys, also influence mood, sleep, sugar/salt cravings, weight, pain and inflammation. These glands need sodium to be balanced with other minerals. The best food source of these minerals is Himalayan or Celtic sea salt, and mineral rich fresh leafy green vegetables.

The goal is to get the nutritional fuel that we need from our diet. Eating natural and fresh fruits and vegetables, balanced with proteins and complex carbohydrates provides energy for the body.

Processed foods and fast foods do not supply energy to the body. Because these foods are missing nutrients, the body will use stored reserves in order to metabolize these un-natural foods. Processed/fast foods ultimately rob the body of the nutrients, resulting in additional nutritional deficiencies.

Eating too many foods that are converted into sugar gives the body short bursts of fuel, but not enough long-term energy. Long standing diets high in sugar and refined, processed grains will create a deficiency of the vitamin B complex. Many of the B vitamins are required by the body to metabolize sugars. The metabolism of sugar becomes difficult for the body without adequate intake of the whole food vitamin B complex found in brewer’s yeast, rice bran and molasses.

Additional adrenal stress is created by dietary intake of too many refined carbohydrates and too much sugar. The adrenals assist the pancreas in stabilizing blood sugar, but they become stressed as they do this. Hormonal imbalance occurs when sugar metabolism malfunctions, as blood sugar cannot be stabilized. Reducing beverages high in sugar, and eliminating candy and sweets can help increase energy.

Women can have the energy to do all that they do. Fatigue can be eliminated for those who choose. Energy can be restored by simply making diet and lifestyle changes, and balancing hormones naturally. By naturally supporting the thyroid and adrenal glands with food based or herbal supplementation, energy levels improve for most women.

We are fortunate today that we have the technology to measure nutritional deficiencies, sugar handling ability, and hormonal imbalances. Individual nutritional needs can be determined by using tools like nutritional response testing, hair analysis, saliva testing, and computerized nutritional analysis. Women need energy all year long, but especially during the holidays. Customized help is always available for those in need.

To learn more, reserve your seat at the free public workshop, “Fatigue is Fixable” at the Livonia Civic Center Library, November 5, 7 PM.



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