Finding Happiness – Good News, the Power is Yours!


There have been many times in my life that I have wondered about me. Wondered if I am on the right path. Am I doing the right thing? Years ago, I wondered what I was meant to do, and was feeling unsatisfied with my life.

I know that many people have the same questions. Many people are looking for something to fulfill them outside of their selves, such as material items like, jewelry, clothing, houses or cars, all to fill a void – that missing piece, that yearning for something more, to be better.

Or they sometimes feel like they are unfulfilled in their relationships and look outside of it to find someone to fill that void for them, to make them feel happy.

The reality is that you are the only one who can do that for you. Jewelry, clothes, cars, people etc. will not fill that void.

I like jewelry, clothing, etc. but I know that is not what fills my heart and Soul. I know that no matter how much material wealth I have, it will not change the inner yearning. If I am not taking care of me by taking time out of the day to just sit and meditate, it affects my day and it affects my work.

Recently, I went on a trip and slept horribly. There was a lot of noise in the morning so my meditation was limited. Instead of just giving in to the noise and continuing on with the meditation, I gave up. I felt scattered and “off”. It was a really good learning experience for me.

We are surrounded by technology. We carry it with us because we believe we need to stay connected to everyone. But while doing that, we have become more disconnected from ourselves and sometimes forget what is really important.

Have you done this? You go out to dinner with someone and pull out your phone to check emails or take calls, instead of just being present? I know my husband and I have been guilty of this. There is nothing more important than connecting and being present with the person you are with. The emails and the phone calls can wait!

You deserve a life that you are fully present for. You deserve to connect on a Soul level with that person — not just a superficial level. You deserve that deeper relationship that you only get by being fully present.
You have the power to tap into yourself, tap into your Soul and really connect with it by sitting quietly in meditation.

When we allow ourselves this opportunity to connect with our Soul and our essence, we find peace, love, happiness and joy from inside us that cannot be bought or sold. The whole body chemistry changes for the better. Our immune system gets stronger. When we are in that state, it helps us handle any stress that the day may bring with greater ease.

Our outlook is brighter and we are more satisfied.

When we enter that space and the mind chatter stops – or at least quiets down – there is no place like it. It is like heaven within us, our own sanctuary.

Connect with yourself and your loved ones. You can find that fulfillment, happiness and deepen your relationship with yourself and with others. Take time to know you, take time to connect with your Soul and connect with the people in your life. Connect less through technology and see if you are a happier person.

Even if you can only meditate for 5 minutes a day, please do it. It can change your world with many wonderful, positive effects.

Carole Grace is an International Psychic & Evidential Medium, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Reiki Master, Instructor. Connecting you & your loved ones, your guides, sharing memories as well as the love, and/or guidance on your journey. Carole treats this work as sacred; seeking only the best for those who come to her, you will know what she is seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing. For more information: (586) 307-6856.


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