Follow Your Authentic Heart


By Scarlet Ireland

“Have the Courage to Follow Your Heart and Intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” Steve Jobs

Now is a time when countless people are “awakening”.

In this awakening, there is a clear realization, that we humans are much greater than we may have previously believed. The common model of our existence; to be born, complete predetermined education, socially /culturally “fit in”, perhaps marry and have children, retire, maybe a vacation in -between, and die, is just not enough for many anymore. Especially, with the seemingly precarious state of the world. This may be an over-simplification of the message; however, the shift is real. Much of the younger generation already profoundly understand this and many more of us are starting to have the revelation too. We all, in our own unique way, have a deep knowing that we are unlimited Beings meant to create and collaborate from our authentic heart-space.

“Your Heart Knows Things That Your Mind Cannot Explain” Anonymous

Yes! All Good! We are awake! We want to be heart-centered and authentic….. Now What?

Maybe it starts with curiosity?

Without limitations of what the mind says can and cannot be done, explore. What gives you a sense of joy and enthusiasm thinking about the possibilities? Write it down. Perhaps expand the ideas with generosity. Could this idea benefit others as well? Write it down. Continue to follow where your heart leads and experiment. It may be surprising what amazing opportunities arise when intuition leads, and defined action steps follow. Seeking support in the journey can be exceptionally helpful and effective too. This is where collaboration starts to come in. Working with a support “team” of one or many can help minimize the struggle of change and provide needed assistance for ease and grace to flow.

These are steps I was able to follow some years ago. My heart led me back to my love of art. My intuition guided me to combine it with my perceptive abilities and my action step directed me to offer it to those who would benefit. I now offer personal energy art sessions. One can obtain a specially created work of art, that holds your distinct energy, providing clarity designed to support your authentic life purpose.

Sincerely ~ Scarlet

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