Forgiveness is Claiming Your Power


Your life is the perfect school for you to realize your potential as a divine and eternal being living a human life.

The great psychologist Carl Jung worked a lot with dreams and the unconscious. As I understand it, he believed that everyone in your dreams reveals an aspect of yourself, so that everyone in your dream story is essentially yourself.

Having analyzed dreams for 30 years myself, I concur with that assumption. However, I would take it a step further and say that spiritually speaking everyone in your life mirrors you to yourself. They are all characters in your play, helping you to learn the lessons that your eternal, divine consciousness has given you for your development. Each person and every circumstance is contracted to play a role which helps you to learn and build important spiritual muscles.

In circumstances or relationships through which you feel hurt or offended, it is helpful to recognize the work of your divine self within them. Here is a situation which your God Self has set to get your attention. (Nothing gets our attention better than discomfort!) When you face the discomfort and work through the challenges, you find that you have grown in ways that you would never have grown without that challenge. It helps to remember that you are eternal, unbreakable and unlimited in your potential. That doesn’t mean that your human self can’t die, be wounded or feel limited…it can. However, your eternal self is eternally safe. And that is who You Really Are.

Realizing these things, it becomes unimportant who has hurt you or what has held you back from success or happiness…etc. What is important is to realize and fulfill the opportunity present within the situation so you can experience yourself as increasingly whole, unlimited and fulfilled. In fact, those people and experiences which bring this opportunity to grow, are your gift to yourself from a higher level.

I don’t believe in accidents, mistakes or chance. It is my belief that everything is purposeful and planned at a higher level with love and support for you as you endure the process and lessons involved. That support may not be immediately evident to you, as you are working hard and learning to use muscles from within that can only be found by searching your soul for that inner potential which you didn’t know you possessed. Once you do your part however, then support arrives from the world around you in ways that may surprise you. At least it does when you are willing to let go of the suffering and embrace the gifts in the situation. Suffering is temporary; love, empowerment and truth last eternally. You can make your suffering feel permanent though if you forget to let it go, so you can benefit from the rewards in your experience.

The key here is to realize who you are. If you think that you are the little personality and body that you see yourself possessing, then you are limiting yourself. If you can believe that you are an aspect of God who potentially has all the gifts of the universe, then you can put yourself through this earthly gym and build the muscles that allow your God Self to live in the world through you.

Every day you are building your soul, which is the body of learning and gifts that allow your eternal and divine self to live increasingly in the world. Uncovering those gifts is helped by an attitude of fearlessness and trust in the higher divine self who is building this wonderful facility of body, mind, heart and soul that is you in this world. That part of you knows what you are capable of and will help you to know it in your life. With even a little faith, a little trust, miracles can happen. Try not to take things too seriously, but perhaps be curious about what inner skills you will uncover through each circumstance.

Enjoying life and finding fulfillment requires a willingness to forgive discomfort and distress, whether it is the little stuff of life, your own self defeating tendencies, or the big problems that life can bring. You claim your power when you forgive them and recall that you are eternally and safely in the hands of a greater good.

Forgiveness is simply letting go, wiping the slate clean of the pain and accepting the good in any situation.

To me forgiveness comes when you realize that everything is growing you into a better person, a vehicle for your God Self to live here. You don’t have time or energy to waste, nor will it get you through the pain and challenge if you blame life, God, others or yourself for your distress. Blame just doesn’t work; it keeps you disempowered and firmly stuck in the difficulty. Blame is like justifying your right to be stuck and it is an excuse to be unhappy.

Sure, we feel blame, it is often a first gut reaction to distress. But, once you get past that, you can look at the situation more maturely and greet it as a gift from your God Self to help bring you to the place where your true self can manifest and bring fulfillment into your life and your gifts into the world.

Thank you for being the one and only necessary and important YOU! At every stage in your development you play an essential role in the life of planet earth which only you can fulfill & we are all blessed. You are perfect exactly as you are and though you are still growing you will always be perfect. You really can’t mess up you can only keep growing! Isn’t that great news! Enjoy the trip!

Eve Wilson


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