Your future may be stuck in your past…


In my practice as a psychic, I have found that the future does not unfold as I foresee it at times. Instead, my client may get stuck in a pattern of bad choices or just not allow for positive changes to take place so that they may embrace their destiny, their life path. They think they are doing everything that is needed to allow for their future to unfold as expected, but sometimes they instead get caught up in depression, fear or anxiety and have no reason as to why! As a psychic, I can see where the problem may have begun; maybe it was from an incomplete karma from a past life, this life, or a current life childhood issue.

But just revealing the reason as to why they can’t move forward is different than breaking the block and moving forward. For some people, just knowing is enough for them to release and move forward, but for others the problem is too deep and they may need a professional to help them release the fears and anxieties that may be holding them back.

I have been asking the universe to help me widen my referral base of professionals in regression hypnotherapy. Interestingly, one walked into my office for a reading. As many of you know, I don’t know anything about my clients when they come for a reading, and they don’t ask the questions; rather, I look at the client’s life path and I know their questions through my psychic connection with them.

Before me was a sweet, unassuming woman who most certainly could have been a nurse/doctor or even someone from the legal field which would have been a good guess, if what I did was guessing, as she had such an intelligent and confident demeanor. Well, as I looked into her life path, I saw that she was working as a professional hypnotherapist, specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy!

Sometimes it gets weird even for me when I do a reading with someone that I know I will have some part in their life. But I knew that I would work with Colleen and that not only was I helping her fulfill her destiny, but my clients were going to benefit as well. I now had someone to refer my clients to that will help them fulfill their life path by going through a regression into their past and releasing their depressions, fears and anxieties that may be holding them back.

Colleen Swanson, C.Ht, is a true professional, specializing in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (which encompasses past life regressions). She gave me insight into how it differs from traditional hypnotherapy.

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy where you need several sessions, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a one-time process! Often times with traditional hypnosis, a client can only work on one issue at a time and generally needs several sessions. With QHHT, only one session is needed. When you get to the source of the problem (s), you have the ability to clear it, allowing for a healing to occur. Colleen expects everyone who leaves her office to feel empowered and free from whatever issues held them back from fulfilling their life purpose. Here are some of the benefits her clients have experienced: with QHHT and past life regressions:

· Seeing their personal relationships improve or allowing a new one to be developed

· Releasing fears and anxieties linked to a past life trauma (including trauma of their death)

· Healing physical problems due to past life trauma

· Rediscovery of their life purpose and being able to fulfill their destiny

· Connect to talents and abilities from a past life

The extra benefit of this specialized regression therapy is that it is simple and only takes a few hours out of your busy schedule to complete. Colleen will conduct a personal interview with you followed by your regression and discussion after the session. You will be able to have a recording of your regression experience to review. I am going to have Colleen on my BMS Radio show May 2, 10:00am. This is a must tune into show! Go to my website to get more information on Colleen and her practice (under radio show tab). She is located just outside Royal Oak in Clawson, MI.

In Love & Light,
Wendy Powers

Listen on the first Saturday of each month to “The Wendy Powers Radio Show” May 2, 10:00am EST; my guest will be Colleen Swanson, C.Ht. She is a Reiki Master, member of the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group and owner of Swanson Hypnotherapy Clinic. We will be talking about the benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and of course, I will be doing mini-readings throughout the show. Call the radio station at: 646-378-0378 for your mini-reading. The phones fill up fast! Call in a few minutes before the start of the hour to get into the queue.


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