Happiest Holidays


This time of year can stress the heck out of most people. I find myself trying to find the time to get the house decorated and spread peaceful and joyous energy throughout my home and office. I use scented candles (my favorite is cinnamon) then go from room to room ringing a Zenergy chime (also great for meditation) while using the mantra, Om, in harmony with the vibration of the chime being struck once in each room.

I know… but I am a spiritual being and need to balance and bring peaceful energy to each room. It is a way to move out all the negative and stressful energy that can accumulate. This is, of course, a joyous time of year, however, if too much negative energy is lingering in your home, you might find that you just can’t get into the mood for the holidays and don’t even know why. Another way to get into the spirit of things is to watch the Hallmark channel or listen to your favorite holiday music.

During each year, at one time or another, we deal with very stressful events, such as loss of a loved one, illness, money issues, loss of a relationship, or starting a new business, just to name a few. It is going to be all right if we remember that we can release our fearful and stressful thoughts and bring into our mind’s eye both balance and peace. I truly recommend meditation. It gets me through many of life’s stresses. Prayer to me is another word for meditation, which after all is quieting the mind and asking for God’s wisdom on whatever your need is.

Even if you don’t think you can meditate, you can relax and take a deep breath in, then let it out slowly. While doing this exercise, let your mind concentrate only on your breathing. You will find that if you do this a few times, you will be calm. I recommend to many of my clients to take up yoga, or maybe join a meditation class. I know classes are offered online, but if you can take the time to go to a live class, being around people within a class you will find that you will better relax and find peace within your soul.

We need to be more social in person not just through our devices. This helps to bring balance and joy back into our hearts and minds. We are social beings, so please spend time without your devices distracting you from communicating and having human contact, such as a good old fashion hug!

This is also known as the loneliest time of the year for many people, as they have no one to share it with. Make yourself a gift this holiday season and visit a senior home or hospital. Maybe you know of a neighbor that has no one; don’t assume they are okay. My eighty-year-old neighbors truly enjoy my asking about how they are doing and sharing small talk. A smile and sometimes a gift of cookies or flowers make all the difference in their outlook which can even help their health. It is the small gestures in life that bring the greatest joy.

There is an old saying, but a very truthful saying: It is better to give than receive. Bringing joy to someone that does not expect it can have an immeasurable effect on the one giving as well as the one receiving.

Charities have been losing out a bit more each year; if you can’t afford much then give what you can, even if it is only one dollar. Believe it or not, if everyone donated one dollar, that dollar can build into a hundred thousand dollars.

Oh, one more thing, don’t forget the most important person to gift and bring peace to…You! It may be just a day of quiet, binge-watching your favorite show, getting a massage, going to your spiritual center, getting a reading, buying yourself something you been wanting, or maybe taking a relaxing bath. By doing this you will feel the spirit of peace and want to bring joy and love to others this holiday season.


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