Natural Crystals verse Polished


Natural Crystals verse Polished
By Jennifer VanderWal

Naturally forming quartz crystals are powerful and effective for bringing balance, evenly distributing, transmitting and amplifying all kinds of energy. This is because they are created as perfect six-sided crystals. Today we find all kinds of shapes and sizes of crystals because they are cut and polished. When a crystal is polished it doesn’t change the strength of the energy being transmitted, only how the crystal transmits the energies.

A naturally formed six-sided quartz crystal has seven beams of energy it transmits. Each of the six sides and the center point have a laser beam of energy. If a crystal is tumbled or polished into a sphere, it radiates its energy out in a sphere instead of being pinpointed and direct like a termination. Energy with a single termination enters in through the base of the crystal and exits at the point.

A rare type of crystal that forms in the center of ‘vugs’, pockets in the earth where crystals form, are called, ‘double terminated’. These crystals have a termination on both ends because they were not attached to the sides of the vugs. They are powerful healing tools, with the energy entering and exiting both ends simultaneously in a figure-eight pattern.

People often ask if polished or naturally forming is better; there’s no difference except for personal preference. I only used naturally forming crystals until I read an article explaining that if a diamond has twenty-four facets it then has twenty-four laser beams of energy being transmitted, at pin-point precision. Which means that there is that much more energy being transmitted and amplified through the stone.

Special crystals called, ‘Vogels’, are precisely cut into twelve-sided double terminated crystals. The idea, design, and usage of these Vogels came from Marcel Vogel. Often, Vogels used in healing are clear inside with no extra silica or water causing inclusions. Some believe this helps the energy being transmitted through the crystal to flow freely and quickly.

The other reason is that Vogels are used in crystal healing to shine colored lights through them. This is done directly over the chakras and specific ailments, dis-ease or pain. When using a single terminated crystal, hold the base of the crystal over the pain — this pulls the pain out. Next, flip the crystal over so the point is facing the area and the area is filled with healing white light. With a double terminated crystal you can hold either point over the area of pain, and as the crystal pulls out the pain it simultaneously fills the area with white light. Have fun searching for these crystals and finding out what your preference is.

Jennifer Vanderwal, a Melody Crystal Healing Instructor Facilitator since 2004, is a master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoko system of Reiki. She offers readings, mediumship, spiritual counseling, EFT, teaches crystal healing classes and offers a variety of crystal healing techniques at Body Works Healing Center and Journey to Health Chakra. Contact her at 248-672-0579.


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