It’s Time For Real Change


Your open heart is the key to changing your life and those around you. I don’t say these words from an airy-fairy place. I speak from personal and professional experience. I was violently beaten as a child; I’ve helped thousands of people live their joy, AND I live an incredible thriving awesome life. From all of this experience, I know this: You are more amazing than you think. You have gifts, talents, and beauty waiting to express through, as and in you.

“Your heart is like a parachute for life. Open your heart and you will save your own life.” Amma—hugging saint

You have no problems. All your problems are created in your mind and at the level of the physical 3d. Every pain, problem or issue is asking you to open your heart and expand your awareness. As you expand your awareness, you see the solution waiting to take form in your body, life, and relationships. You act and speak from Love. If you take action from fear or worry, you empower the issue or problem instead of the solution.

Do not try to solve your problems. This will keep you at the level of effect instead of cause. The love or energy within you is first cause. Start from trying to ‘solve the problem’ and you will feel like you are re-arranging the ‘deck chairs on the Titanic’. Instead ask: “What is this problem (health issue, relationship, finances etc.) seeking to birth in me?” Your Soul is a collection of qualities (beauty, love, compassion, abundance, joy). The pain, trauma or problem is the ‘mud’ to your life. This ‘mud’ is the fertilizer to the emerging qualities seeking to express in, as, and through you.

You are not here on the planet to struggle, suffer and be miserable. You are here to express and deliver your capacities and talents in only the way you can. Your family and community need you to shine. In fact, your shine is the greatest way to help them. Co-dependence and worrying about others are the number one way people distract themselves from their Soul growth and healing.

It may sound like I am saying, don’t help people. Service is a core value for me. I am committed to waking people up to their innate gifts and divine nature. The word “love” for me is a state of being and a verb. I am committed to being love in action. However, I know loving another, is not productive when grounded in fear, worry, or the attachment to outcome. Sharing my heart fully, DETACHED FROM OUTCOME, people then ‘hear’ me, and wake up to their own heart’s beauty.

Give your words, gifts, and talents like a gift. You wouldn’t call someone up every day and ask if they are using your gift. Would you? This is how most people express themselves. Your unique gifts are within you. Your words do matter. Express attached to how you are received, and you dam up the flow of power/love/creativity seeking to express through you.

Opening my heart is NEVER about someone else. My discomfort is always about me closing to the REAL me. My pain is because I am forgetting who I truly am, in the presence of them.

Opening my heart, I then have ALL of me, and this vast universe to draw upon. Opening my heart is not about something outside of me…rather inside. Real change happens as you open your heart (to yourself) in the presence of the person or problem you normally close down. Standing in love does not make you weak, it means you have access to your full power.

It is so hard to remember it’s NEVER about them. Right? Radical self-responsibility for my emotions and thoughts, grounded in knowing I AM a Divine Child, sets me free to rest in the seat of love. This radical self-responsibility combined with radical self-love, also is the most POWERFUL way to help another. I can see their ‘issue’ but instead of lowering my vibration to fear/doubt/worry…I stay in love. Staying in your power as love, in all your relationships, is the way to heal another.

It is so hard to love at this level…AND, it is also your ultimate freedom. I like to tell my ego, “Sit down so love can stand up!” From this inner grounded surrender place, I am not a doormat. Actually, my words are heard more deeply, I own my ‘yes’ and my ‘no’, and I express in a way that is true to my heart. No planning needed.

Commit to real change: a). Own your feelings and love them. b). Express love detached from outcome.

When you are trying to figure out “how” to solve a problem or plan your words…this is a red flag you are trapped in your mind. Get back into your heart. Self-love pulls you out of “how hell”.

Self-Acceptance is the most important tool in your spiritual tool box, when you realize how your open heart affects all those around you. Self-acceptance changes the ‘playing field’ to one of possibilities, emergence and healing. Self-acceptance opens your awareness to all the good that is waiting to be lived as you.

3rd Thursday 6:30-9:30. Self-Acceptance gatherings are back! Qigong, self-acceptance, healing and meditation. Rooted Visionaries 8-week program starting Jan. 25th, 12-5, Sat. Self-Acceptance Process Certification and healer training starting 2020!

I love what I do, and see it help people tremendously. I’d love to be a part of your journey. Connect with me on FB or call: 734-796-6690. Blessings to your New Year.


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