Living with Fifth Dimensional Consciousness


We have lived for eons now in a world of duality known as the third dimension. In this consciousness things are judged as black and white, good or bad. Certain feelings and conditions are thought to be desirable and others undesirable, needing a good sweep under the carpet.

Fear is the first response in the third dimension. Fearful emotions include anger, sadness, jealousy, helplessness, hopelessness, and distrust. In this state, individuals feel separate and there’s no consciousness of oneness.

Many are beginning to reach a higher state of awareness known as Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or Unity Consciousness. The fifth dimensional consciousness responds first with love rather than fear. The very first impression is love. When something happens that might have been very disturbing in the third dimensional way of looking at life, an individual now would naturally feel love and compassion. While fear would still be possible, it would not be the first thought.

In fifth dimensional consciousness, an individual realizes they are one with everything, that there is no separation between them and any other person or thing. This advanced state of consciousness increases gradually. It is a process.

One who is in the fifth dimensional consciousness, when hearing of something distressing such as the shooting of the congresswoman in Arizona, responds first with love and compassion for all involved, rather than thinking the killer should go directly to jail or having other divisive thoughts.

There is a new ease with manifesting in this realm. Health improves; relationships become more plentiful and rewarding. Associations with others are more loving, joyful, and impactful, while the ones that don’t feel so resonant tend to drop away.

You might wonder why this relative or that friend is no longer close to you. It is usually because there is not a vibrational match between the two of you. If there is disharmony between the two parties, one or the other often decides to leave. People want to feel comfortable with the people around them. Like attracts like and individuals who are similar gravitate to each other.

All sorts of abundance, including financial plentitude, appear with greater ease in the fifth dimension. Monday and things come in ways that seem magical and amazing.

When fully in the fifth dimensional consciousness, you will be able to have whatever you want. Your dreams will come true. Things you wanted and have forgotten about will appear as will unexpected, unimagined good.

You can make a conscious choice to step more fully into the fifth dimension, entraining yourself to make love your first response. Wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “I am going to direct my day from a love vibration. I am going to remember to think love thoughts first.”

What you think about magnifies in your life. Put love first and watch what happens. Offer love to everyone, everything, and all conditions and watch your world change to a seemingly miraculous place where your dreams come true.

Shala Kilmercom.


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