Love Come Home


You are the spiritual being of unconditional love who created the life that you are living.  You created it as a means of expressing yourself within the physical world.  Your body, emotions, and mind have such a strong pull that you have become identified with the physical experience of life often to the exclusion of your memory of who you really are.  This forgetfulness is an intentional, but temporary state of affairs which I would like to explore with you in this article and help you to master.

When you were born, only a small part of you could live in your body because the body needed to mature to hold your consciousness.  The small amount of your consciousness in your body had to concentrate on learning how to interact both with your body and the world around.  This was your prime directive in your early life.  However, with so much of you living outside of your body on a more spiritual plane during that time, you were more in touch with loving and eternal spirit.

As humans mature, the outer world requires more of our attention and time, which helps us to grow physically, emotionally and mentally stronger.  It also causes us to invest so much of our self into the outer world that we may lose track of our wise and loving, eternal spirit.  So now the vehicle that we built for our true self to live in is becoming capable of housing us, but it is distracted by the world around.

The primary purpose for our lives is to provide a home for the love that we are within this world.  But when the physical experience is driving our bodies and minds, our higher consciousness has to direct things from the outside.   This is rarely a comfortable and satisfying condition on the human or the divine level, but it is the way most people live.  Since our true spirit isn’t able to direct us from within, outer circumstances are drawn into our lives to try to wake us up and motivate us toward our truth.  Circumstances bounce us around the game board of life like pinballs in a pinball machine trying to get us to move in the direction that life has in mind for us.

When we begin to intellectually understand that we are a spiritual being and not just a physical body, we long to find a higher level of fulfillment in the outer world.  However, we are still confused if we are focusing our longing for our truth onto the outer form of things.  We think our purpose will be fulfilled by doing good things, which is noble.  However, the things you do won’t be bring you satisfaction until your loving, true and eternal self is living within you and driving your vehicle.  That is the only thing that will bring the inner peace and wholeness that we seek.
Where life seems to be pushing us around like a pinball on a game board, it is a message to go within to find what part of us is not yet receptive to our true self and to release old wounds and beliefs that block our oneness with that.  This is the purpose of the outer world in our lives, to send us back within ourselves to continue building the house of our being.  Resolving the blocked places within allows our higher consciousness to begin directing our life from the inside which is much gentler.  In fact we begin to find fulfillment in places we didn’t expect.

All of us are still experiencing the pinball  to some extent.  There is still work to be done to resolve the illusionary experience of limitation that we have lived with for so long.  Once we master our inner self to a significant degree the work we do within has a great impact on the experience of others in our world.  Serving in this way leads us to an even deeper mastery and greater peace and unity with our true self.

Worldly jobs serve two primary purposes:  to provide opportunities for resolving our inner blocks and realize greater unity with love and truth within and, for now, to provide financial support.  This is true whether your job seems to be in line with your spirit or not.  What we do provides an opportunity to grow more proficient at living from our true core.  That is the true service…being love, truth and wholeness within a human body, within the world no matter what your outer work is doing.  This may require a reorientation of our self-consciousness.  If you seek to find fulfillment from what you are doing for a career, use the one you have to grow stronger within your truth.  When you are strongly at one with your eternal true self, you will find the outer world experience comes into line with that in ways you may not have expected.  To the degree that you feel like a pinball, life is telling you to seek an even deeper level of inner wholeness by unblocking the part of you that apparently still needs to be pushed.

It takes courage to do this and patience to learn to master this process.  When you get pushed around by the experience of life, rather than being victimized, you are being re-directed to your inner power and truth.   All the bruises you encounter on this journey will heal fully once you have completed the inner work required to unify the bruised part of you with the love within you.

A meditation to start and end your day might be:  Love, come home to this body and soul I have made for you…live within me today…give me the strength and courage to trust you and release the blocks to my truth that this day will show me…live within me increasingly today and help me to find joy and peace on this journey!

Eve Wilson


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