The Gifts of Growing-up in a Spiritualistic Household


By Gabrielle Lynn

Hello, although my mother is the primary writer of articles for, Body Mind Spirit Guide, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share an interesting perspective on living/being raised in a spiritualist household.

When you look at your parents, we’ve all come to identify them in particular ways — by their personalities, their involvement in our everyday lives, their jobs. To me, my mother has always been my hero, a strong entrepreneur who has shaped me into the woman I am today. Of course, each individual person has a particular tidbit about their parents that in their eyes makes them unique. My mother always seems to cross the unique threshold, well, in a very different kind of way.

My mom is a psychic medium; this is not an occupation that is particularly common, not exactly your average nine-to-five job. While this is not something I have always been comfortable with, to put it gently, it is something that I have come to admire greatly. I have never seen a person be able to have a stranger walk into a room, and then have them leave a completely different person. Each one seemed lighter after a reading with my mom.

There were a variety of ways in which I have bared witness to her ability to heal others as well as myself; I was not always able to understand the concepts of spirit guides, the purpose of meditation, or the power of healing energy and manifestation. She always took time to explain the importance of these things and how they help cultivate our own personal paths. This open dialogue is one that I found to be incredibly useful and has helped me transition into seeing the world through a different lens.

From a young age, I was taught to be kind to everyone and to pass on this kindness to those whom I encounter. I grew up walking into a home that smelled of incense and sage, and the familiarity of these things have grown to be a comfort that I welcome with open arms.

To dive into how exactly spiritualism has incorporated itself into my everyday life, we’d have to go further into the subject. Beyond mere incense and crystals, the roots of my mother’s mediumship are ever present in every aspect of my life. When I was younger, it was little things. She could tell when I was hurting due to my back, despite having never said that it was aching.

One of the best incidents was when I was in junior high and was being coaxed into skipping class — only to receive a text from my mother reading, “Don’t you dare.” I read the message and hurried off to my next class; having a medium for a mom sure did make things interesting, to say the least. When I grew out of my teenage years, I grew a bit more appreciative of the intuitive abilities of my mother. It helped to affirm decisions I made, as I knew there is a greater purpose at hand for people like myself.

If I were to try to give a moral to this story, it would be to pass on the knowledge of spiritualism to the younger generation, although it’s difficult in this day and age of the i-phone, and instant gratification. Having someone to discern the higher meaning of life and to witness the demonstration of mediumship day today, is a centering concept. It has made me appreciate the opportunities I have been given, as well as not to take anything for granted. The younger generation has a great deal more to learn before we are to inherit the world we live in and work to change for the better.


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