March Creation Questions


Creation Corner: Questions of the Month
By Christine Fodor

What can you choose to be and do today that would create and generate a more expansive reality for you and your life? What is light and expansive for you? What makes you say ahhh? That! That choice, that action, that brings you a greater sense of being the totality of you, and deeper gratitude. It could be a sense of joy, or comfort, or peace, maybe an accomplishment or completion. Whatever it is for you, just choose. Use your superpower of choice! That’s where true creation is. Choice creates.

These are the questions that came up for me to share with you this month to help you with asking questions of the Universe to create more for your life and future. And as always, it created for me already! Yes really! So I had bought this new car in 2017. It was an inexpensive car, very basic, but new, as is my typical pattern with cars. It was a great deal! How lucky am I? Cool! I loved my old car so much that I bought another one just like it. They had updated it and changed things but ok great, newer model, I’ll get used to it. And it ended up that the seats pressed on an old back injury in just a way that it flared up my back, every time I had to drive! Ugh. I tried at least a dozen cushions to help my back and tolerate my vehicle. Nothing seemed to help. So I resorted to using layers of rolled up towels. Every day I had to adjust the towels and rearrange them every time I got in/out of the car. Sigh. Not what I had in mind when I decided to get a new car. In the 5-minute test drive, I didn’t realize it would do that. It’s a lot different when you’re in/out of the car all day. At the time, I was so focused on getting a good deal that I didn’t consider my comfort. I loved the last car that I thought I would love the new model too. I didn’t ask enough questions. My car ended up being a very heavy contracted energy for me, definitely not the light expansive energy that I had hoped it would be.

So I figured I was stuck with this car. I had years of financing to pay but everyday driving the car was a challenge. Then I asked myself these questions when I was writing them for you. Not specifically about my car, just in general about my life. It was also about the same time I had rented a car while out of town and my back felt a whole lot better when in the car and with driving. It was so fun for me to drive the rental car that I even wondered about how I could ship it home. Lol. Once I got home and got in my car, the contrast was very apparent, I realized that I dreaded getting into that car every day. That sure doesn’t make me say ahhh in a good way, that’s for sure! Then there was this question, what can I choose to be and do today that would create and generate a more expansive reality for me and my life? I became inspired. What would that other car I rented actually cost? Then it became, what would it take to get a new car? It was just questions, no planning, just curiosity. And on and on with more questions and following the energy.

I didn’t think getting another car was an option. I only had the car for 15 months! I had financing to pay. And with these questions, I let go of what I thought and allowed other possibilities. So… I traded in my old new-ish car and paid-off the financing and bought the new car I really liked!! And now I’m so happy! My back feels great and I can’t wait to drive my car. It’s fun, it’s joy, it’s expansive! And it took away a huge stressor in my life that I didn’t even realize caused me so much stress. It wasn’t a possibility to do that in my world until I asked these questions and then it all showed up! What can these questions create in your world to bring you more peace, joy, and comfort? You’re worth it! You deserve it! Just ask and allow the possibilities.

Christine Fodor is an Energy Medicine Specialist & Creation Coach specializing in clearing blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health and wealth for over 16 years. Christine offers sessions and classes in person and online. Certified in Access Consciousness® BF, BPF, AFF, AHP, CFMW; Holy Fire III Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master, ThetaHealing and more. 248-444-7408


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