Up to the Mic: Keys to a Healthier Lifestyle


David ShermanJoin us in welcoming a brand NEW edition to the Body Mind Spirit Radio community! The wonderful David Sherman will be airing his radio show, Keys to a Healthier Lifestyle the third Monday of each month, 1-2 p.m. We ask you to join us live on April 20th for the first airing of his show.

David has a background in Engineering that he has applied to Science and the Nutrition and Wellness community. radio-banner (1)He is a Molecular Hydration Specialist, Health Advocate and has done much work and study in the fields of nutrition, exercise and water. His lifestyle choices of being vegan and for supporting Kangen water led him to help create Natural ReCharge and the Natural ReCharge Wellness Center, currently located in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

He does much work connected to the wellness center, as well as, offering his knowledge to help explain, support and teach those who venture into the clinic about the different natural healing modalities that they offer, and what they can do to help their clients.

On his show, David will discuss, explain and explore the world of health and current healing modalities available to you and other individuals in the community. His goal is to use humor, science, simplicity and knowledge to convey how the body has incredible healing powers to better itself, and how, with the right tools, you can live a long healthy life with a positive transformed lifestyle.

David will also take calls and questions during the show. He will offer advice, support and knowledge, helping listeners to be and stay healthy.

In April, he will be joined by special guest, Rick Ercolano, who has a vast knowledge and expertise in water and hydration. He will discuss the keys to positive health through hydration and how one simple change can help change your life. Rick is an international expert who has been teaching and demonstrating the power of Ionized Alkaline Water and how it can be used in your home for not only drinking but cleaning, disinfecting, polishing and more!

We hope you will join us for David’s first live show on April 20!

If you would like to promote your business, expertise, products, or services through radio by being interviewed or by hosting your own personal show, email your request to radio@bodymindspiritguide.com


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