Magic of New Beginnings


With the first of the New Year, we are excited as we look toward new beginnings and what we want to create and work on during the coming year. What are your goals? How do you develop them?

Who do you choose to be and how do you choose to grow this year?

New beginnings are the times for growth of body, mind and soul. These can be the times when something surprising or unexpected happens that we are not prepared for. It is often the Divine saying, “You are too comfortable.” It’s a time to grow, experiencing discomfort of some sort that pushes us into growth and new perspectives and flexibility in our life. I like to see it as an opportunity to grow and follow the Divine — go with the flow. It also can mean that we have grown enough to go to the next level — like in school, classes keep building upon the class before it, same with stages of growth. That is why your childhood is the foundation for the rest of your life and your deficits are what you work on processing the rest of your life.

That is why there are cycles in life. Each cycle is a new beginning for growth in some or many ways. The New Year is a beginning of a type of cycle where we can reflect back and choose to see where we can grow towards self-actualization, closer to the Divine. Then we develop the New Year Resolutions. This year, feel that hope, that excitement of change and in what direction you want to grow. And keep that energy and focus up — we will almost certainly encounter challenges to overcome, just like the heroes of old. You can do it!

Whether the new beginning is of choice or a surprise, you have the means to handle it. Divine only has your best interests at heart and gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

This year, when you make your resolutions, how about chunking them down into smaller steps, ones that are doable and perhaps build upon each other. Remember that you are Divine, and the Divine is you — you can accomplish miracles! Do your best to keep up that excitement and focus as the year goes on. Perhaps you can even get some support and accountability through friends, a therapist, or a counselor that you trust. Just remember, this is a new year, a fresh new one, and you can do wonders with it.


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