Playing the Blame Game


What does a happy and content life mean to you? Does it feel unreachable? Do you feel like a victim?

It’s not entirely your fault. Society wires us to blame others when life isn’t flowing as we want. You’re led to believe that you’re entitled to, and deserving of, a perfect life. And, advertisers want us all to think that the path to a “perfect” life lies in our ability to acquire more material stuff. We’re even told that good health is only possible with pharmaceuticals, causing us to, once again, push responsibility onto an outside resource. But, when we discover that the new stuff or prescriptions aren’t the answer, the relentless search continues.

There’s so much pressure to achieve “success” that many will spend their days on social media generating posts that create the illusion of an enviable life. Then, there are those who play the blame game — always pointing out how the world has done them wrong but never offering positive input. And don’t forget about those who consistently jump on the bandwagon of blame whenever they hear of any tough times affecting others.

Let’s get something straight! Life isn’t meant to be fun and games. Our souls’ choose to come here and face challenges that will open us up to the truths of the Universe. Yes…you chose your life and all of the people and circumstances that came with it. That said, there’s no magic bullet that’s meant to eliminate the difficulties that accompany those life lessons. The best place to start is by accepting that EVERYTHING in your life is ALWAYS happening for your benefit.

Seeing life as an intricate maze or a challenging board game can help remove some of the highly charged emotions that surface in difficult times. Life is only a temporary assignment, meant to help us evolve as spiritual beings. In the end, we all return safely home to a place of pure love and light. Like a roller coaster arriving back at the starting point, when you return home you’ll have the opportunity to reflect back on the good, the bad, the scary and the victorious moments you experienced along the way.

To make this simple and straightforward, you are a ball of energy in an organic wrapper and your thoughts determine the level of vibration you release into the world. Good/positive thoughts = high energy/high vibration (abundance, loving relationships, vibrant health, joy). Bad/negative thoughts = low energy/low vibration (living in lack, dysfunctional relationships, illness, depression). When you understand and accept that like attracts like, it’s understandable that by placing yourself into a state of high vibration you’ll attract people, events and circumstances equal to that energy.

Realizing that your reactions dictate the quality of your life, is empowering beyond words. You’re no longer dependent upon outside influences to acquire happiness.

So, you may be thinking, “But what about when the actions of others cause my energy to shift downward? I can’t control that!”

Well, in those moments when others set you off, it’s important to realize why. When their actions trigger emotions of a low vibration, instead of placing blame on them, ask yourself, why. What insecurity within you is bringing these negative emotions to the surface? By looking inward, at those times, you can learn valuable lessons about your own insecurities and how to work through them.

Drop the blame game and take back control. If you need help in the process of shifting to a higher vibration, Spiritual Guidance and Hypnotherapy can help. I offer free consultations by phone or in person.


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