Practical Telepathy


Every life form is intelligent and conscious and can be communicated with through telepathy. If you are at all sensitive psychically you are pretty aware of a wide range of communication which has nothing to do with words. Far beyond body language, we can perceive the needs, intentions and emotions of those around us. Telepathy is largely based on this kind of intuitive connection and is primarily passed through feeling. So, it is not so much the words as a kind of feeling intention that crosses the boundaries of language and species. You may have words and ideas to communicate, but the energy which conveys those words is the energy of will, which moves along our feelings and carries our thoughts and intentions with it.

To explore your telepathic potential, it is easiest to begin with a child or a pet. Sit quietly and hold your awareness of them as separate from you, but precious. Let the warmth of that feeling fill you lightly. Then, from your belly and your heart, let that feeling carry a message to them gently. If you put a lot of will and emotion into the communication, they will feel overwhelmed by it emotionally and won’t be able to get the information. Think of the will and feeling as a carrier and let the thoughts rest lightly on them, as you send them to the heart of the one you wish to talk to. Send your message, and then let it go and see if they respond.

This can work very well with children and pets. For instance, if your child is acting out they may not be able to hear you when you verbally tell them to stop. But a clear telepathic message will often get their attention and startle them out of their actions! Likewise with pets, where they will ignore your words, they will often hear your telepathic communications clearly.

The messages which will be best received will be of a loving and respectful nature. A simple message is often best. When my dog would whine outside my office I’d send her the message “it’s OK, Chani”. I would repeat this with a tender and loving but firm feeling a few times. She would get peaceful and quiet down. With a child, a simple message like “I love you”, followed by their name may be sufficient. Or a telepathic shhh… sent with a feeling of quiet and love, but firmness may be enough.

Sometimes there are complex issues with family or loved ones which it is hard to resolve verbally, due to people feeling fearful and defensive. If you can settle into a place of deep love and acceptance for yourself and them, you will be able to find messages to send that will help them to feel loved and open to a resolution which otherwise, they might not be able to reach. Simple communications like “I love you and their name”, “Please consider my needs and feelings in this situation (you don’t even need to name your needs, at this level, they will already know)”, “Please forgive me” or other simple and loving messages will be easy to transfer and for them to respond to.

Once you have made a connection in the right way, you may feel their reply as well. You may feel their emotional reactions and defenses, at first. But if you respectfully listen, and then repeat your loving message in a non-pushy way, you may find they gradually relax or shift. Sometimes the shift may take a few days. If needed, you can repeat it again after a few days. Over time, you may find less resistance and more relaxation in their response and good results in your relationships. Don’t try to push your agendas, but work respectfully for love and understanding and the highest good. You may learn as much from these communications as the one you are sending to, if you listen.

Telepathic communication with humans often doesn’t work when they are watching television, on the internet or involved in video games and other electronic pastimes.

Over time you will get better at receiving communications as well as sending them. Once a beautiful white birch tree told me not to yell, that she could hear me quite well! I learned from her that it wasn’t necessary to shout telepathically; in fact it is much easier for people to hear me when I send with a soft energy.

You may not hear words, but in your heart and your belly you can learn to translate the energy into words that you understand. When you think you have the message right, sit with the feeling they sent you while you say the words silently and see if the words fit the feelings accurately. If not, try different words until the words and the feelings resonate inside of you in exactly the same way.

Receiving telepathic communication requires you to be open to hearing things you don’t want or expect to hear. Otherwise, you will only hear your own thoughts and imagination. So, working with the messages as mentioned in the previous paragraph, will be necessary for true understanding. You will get quicker at it with practice.


Eve Wilson


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