Are You Prepared for a Miracle?


I was in a motorcycle accident while in Mexico to teach at a world consciousness gathering. I should not have survived. Right before the accident I asked the Angels and Earth Mother to protect me. I saw the Angels surround me and I felt Earth Mother send her protective silver energy. The instant after I asked for protection, the motorcycle crashed into the pavement at 40mph plus. I left with no road rash, no broken bones!! It’s times like those where a motorcycle accident attorney would be needed by most people, especially if a serious injury occurred.

Over the past twenty years seeing many miracles in my life and my students, I can say with 100% confidence: Angels, God, Your DREAMS and Your Divinity are REAL! Synchronicity or miracles are a natural symptom of surrendering to Love. Love is a potent force that anyone can access through their inward availability. Your divine gifts, miracles and dreams are real. You can live heaven on Earth if you are willing to let go, ask for help, and grow.

You must prepare yourself for a miracle to allow it to manifest. Choose a personal law. Cultivate your conviction moment by moment. Holding an inward law or personal absolute, you will feel less and less like a puppet to conditions and circumstances. As you make a choice to live into the laws of Love, Kindness, Prosperity etc., you will began to see that EVERY person and condition IS happening for your highest JOY. You will began to see life has ALWAYS been for you. As you open to what is always being given, you will realize you live in a conscious loving universe.

Traveling home from Mexico, I was struck by the radiant light from my airplane stewardess named, Cat. Everyone was angry about the flight delays and extra baggage costs; yet she was able to shift almost everyone into joy. Cat’s authentic caring was infused into her every word and action.

I asked her, “What is your secret? Do you have a strong spiritual practice? How do you maintain your joy?” She looked at me surprised and said, “I live by a law. There are laws. I am kind. As I follow this law I am ok with myself when I wake up. When my son makes a mistake, I ask him to apologize. When I make a mistake I apologize.”

Cat’s simple response, said so much. She was giving kindness from an inward choice, rather than outward impetus. The love she gave was detached from the outcome, and her kindness was not an approval-seeking sappy niceness. Demonstrated by her willingness to say, “I am sorry”, Cat was also choosing to be personally accountable and learn from life.

Another interesting fact, is that the moment I noticed Cat’s beautiful light, I was asking myself, “What would it mean to make faith as an absolute? What would it feel like to have absolute trust in this loving universe?”

As a daily spiritual practice, I ask empowering questions and allow the Divine to answer. I will re-ask these questions throughout the day and receive deeper and deeper realizations. As I ask these questions, Life/God will provide examples. This is why it is very important to not ask dis-empowering ‘why’ questions such as, “Why are people so stupid?”, or “Why do people hate me?” Life will answer your request whether it is positive or negative. Keep asking, “Why did this happen?” and your mind will invent more and more reasons such as: “You had bad parents” or “Your are not worthy”.

When faced with problems, reach for radical self love first and then begin to ask, “What wants to emerge from the issue?” New ways of thinking or a quality (confidence, compassion, etc.) will emerge in your awareness from empowering questions.

You will stumble. This is how we grow. You will make mistakes. We are meant to. One of my personal laws that has carried me my whole life is a deep surrender to Love/Spirit/God. My life and work is not my own. I ask daily, “Love, where would you have me go, what would you have me do and with whom?” I hold in my core a deep bow to the miracles, love, and beauty that is waiting to take hold. Authentic joy is a moment by moment practice…you can do it!!

The miracles, health, and opportunities are already there. Open up. It is already done. Through self love, and your inward law, you will began to see what is “behind the curtain”. Begin to see the good that is hiding behind your stories of blame and shame. Be more interested in Love, and less interested in who is right.


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