Rising Up and Stepping Away from Regret


by Linda La Croix 

   Living life as a spiritual walk, we do our self-checks regularly. You know these as your personal evaluations to see if we are living a Christ-like path. That path would, of course, require us to be kind, forgiving, loving, and helpful to others, Christ-like. This type of living is a model for success. As we rise up and step away from regretful circumstances, we are actively creating a better society. And that is spiritual living at its finest. Plus, it creates harmony and serendipity, a great bonus!

  A self-check requires us to listen attentively to our self-talk and watch our actions. It isn’t a success story to go to our spiritual center or church on Sunday only to leave and lose our patience with another driver on the road. In circumstances like that, self-check and stay calm. It’s possible the other driver didn’t see you, has something heavy on their heart, or simply made a mistake.

  Life provides plenty of moments for us to be triggered, giving us a chance to look into ourselves. What thoughts do you hold around situations that have pushed your buttons? Are they positive and loving thoughts that feed good vibes to you, or are they demeaning, hurtful thoughts? What emotional residue might those thoughts leave inside your body or mind if not attended to?

  A teaching in our center is to note when pointing a finger at someone; there are three pointing back at you. That is validation that we personally have something to look at. In fact, we are most likely guilty of the very same thing we are pointing our finger at. Plus, we know you cannot see something in someone else unless you have it yourself! Instead of pointing fingers or placing blame, decide to take the high road and accept that everyone is doing the best they can in each moment.

  When you begin to walk your spiritual path and understand this type of thinking, you will notice frequent actions, thoughts, or words where you might have done better. You may also recall previous times when you reacted in an un-Christ-like way. That kind of thought process steals your spiritual peace and may lead to regret. This may cause you sadness which feels like a deep hole you cannot dig yourself out of. I encourage you to not become stuck in a hole of regret. Change your mind by changing your thoughts. 

   Frank Sinatra sang, “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention .” And, no finger-pointing going on here, but honestly, we all have a few. Allowing yourself to believe you have no regrets is ego creating a space to live in your consciousness. 

   Be open in your self-checking to look at what you can change and where you want your good thoughts to take you too. Look through a lens of truth. Find those few, agree to do better, and take it into meditation for a source to give you the best action and do better! 

  Should you recall a time when you were less than your best, don’t spend time in regret! Instead, spend time talking with God, the Creator of All, and forgive yourself! Put it in your past by releasing and acknowledging what you could have done better or what you would do better if using the wisdom you have today. 

  Remember, your Christ light is always shining within you and is always ready to support you in discovering a better you!

  Begin putting your attention, focus, and mind into changing for the better because you can begin again. By resetting your previous actions, thoughts, or words, you change your life to be more Christ-like. 

Expressing your Christ’s light through your thoughts, words, and deeds is definitely our purpose here. We were created to be God in action! Let go of regret and be attentive to not creating anymore. This will open you spiritually to better living. Enjoy it!

Seeing your success,

Linda La Croix


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