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Written by Ellen Livingston

We, humans, love to eat! So a diet of restricted volume or restricted calories feels like deprivation to most people. Sheer willpower is required in order to stay on such a plan for any length of time. Unhealthful cravings and bingeing become common side effects, especially in the winter and holiday seasons. For those with enough discipline to stay the course and perhaps even achieve some of the hoped-for results, success tends to be as short-lived as the ultimately unsustainable program that brought it about.

The safest surefire way to feel satiated while helping your body initiates a deeper cleansing and detoxification process is to simply eliminate all the processed foods from the menu (basically anything that comes in a bottle, box, or can, or contains multiple ingredients). Better yet, remove these foodstuffs from your kitchen altogether. Next, fill your kitchen with a colorful and inspiring abundance of nature’s whole foods – mostly fruits and vegetables. This may at first seem like deprivation as you give away some habitual treats; however, once you are eating only the whole foods nature intended for you, you will be able to eat as much as you like! It’s hard to overeat on nature’s very satiating whole foods that are so naturally rich in water, fiber, natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals. 

It’s all about satiation. The short-lived pleasures derived from processed and denatured foods are just that – short. It’s a ‘pleasure trap’ with a negative net result. On the other hand, when you learn to love the foods that love you back, it’s a huge net win. 

The ‘Fruit First’ method is a simple and powerful way to begin. Next time you are hungry (for food, that is – emotional and spiritual hunger is another topic!), begin your meal with fresh ripe fruit and eat as much as you care for. I prefer to eat one type of fruit at a sitting, such as several oranges. Then wait 15-20 minutes, and check in with yourself about whether you are still actually hungry – for more oranges or anything else. This will effectively increase your consumption of nature’s cleansing, satiating fresh fruit while decreasing your consumption of everything else. It’s worth mentioning again here that keeping an abundance of fresh food around at all times – ripe and ready-to-eat fruit especially – will be crucial to your success on this plan.

Our beautiful, bountiful, delicious nature-grown foods provide nearly all the nutrients we need, in harmonic concert with each other, in nature’s perfect gentle packages (no other recipes required!) And they are so easy to digest that precious enzymes and nerve energy remain available for all the cleansing and healing we need to do. And this beautiful healing process can unfold at nature’s safe pace. 

In fact, what we need is a diet that helps us get the health results we seek while being sustainable in the long run – as in for our entire lifetime. This ideal diet needs to satiate us on all the important levels. It needs to provide enough calories to fuel a healthy level of activity, the right nutrients to satisfy most of our body’s requirements, and enough volume (and quantity of delicious bites – don’t be shy, eat all you care for!) to leave us feeling satiated. It needs to satisfy our natural taste buds. Fruit is sweet, and vegetables are savory. It takes a little time to recover the sensitivities of our natural taste buds.

Just remember, it’s not an all-or-nothing equation. When you choose an abundant meal of fresh, ripe fruit (or even apply the ‘Fruit First’ method), a fresh green salad with homemade dressing, or very simple steamed veggies, you will naturally decrease your consumption of less ideal foods. You will also lighten your digestive burden, thus freeing up vital energy that your intelligent and self-repairing body will use to initiate more cleansing and detoxification. This approach simply helps you get out of the way, allowing the body’s own detoxification process to unfold at a safe and manageable pace. Although some cleansing might make you feel a little worse before you feel much better, you may also feel significantly better immediately. Either way, it is a wonderful feeling to inhabit a clean, well-functioning body temple, and worth every little trade you may need to make.

I have enjoyed a fresh, fruit-centric vegan diet for over twenty years. It is truly sustainable! I am passionate about helping others to free up their energy and access the many remarkable benefits of a simpler, more natural way of eating and living. 

Ellen Livingston is a natural health and wellness mentor. She lives in SW Florida and offers private mentoring and customized, small in-person raw vegan retreats. “Ask me about my new ‘Empowered to THRIVE! mentoring program. / 734-645-3217


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