By Susan deCaussin

Every week at my office, I see clients who are feeling lost in their lives. They are unsure of what direction to follow and may even experience anxiety, fear, and depression as a result of feeling unsure about their life path.

With the number of such cases increasing, I wondered, “Why now? Why are so many people questioning their purpose for being here?” My guides gave me a unique perspective that helped me see things differently, and I’d like to share those thoughts with you in this month’s article.

When our souls choose to have a human experience, they are accepting the challenge of moving from a place of pure consciousness and limitless potential to a physical body that interfaces with the earth plane through a mere five senses. 

This is a challenging choice. Experiencing life through the physical senses while trying to remain connected to our spiritual selves takes discipline and practice. 

While here, everyone and everything is continuously competing for our attention – a situation that easily clouds our ability to interface with the spiritual realm.

And now, an additional challenge has surfaced through the introduction of electronic devices that steal our attention, draw us in and pull us away from interacting with each other. Every day I see people driving, walking, sitting, and being ALONE and staring at a smartphone, tablet, computer screen, television, or some other electronic device. These activities only exercise two of our physical senses – sight and sound. 

No wonder our souls feel lost and question their purpose while on this journey. Going from a place of limitless abundance down to five human senses is challenging enough. But culling that back even more, causes us to shut down and disconnect from both worlds – the spiritual and the physical. And when we allow that to occur, our ability to connect with our Higher Selves becomes more and more difficult. 

Just like exercise is important to maintain the use of our physical bodies, we must also work to maintain a connection to our Source. This connection speaks to our soul with whispers of encouragement, direction, and loving guidance. 

So, how do we balance our desire to remain connected spiritually while keeping up with our ever-changing world? It’s entirely possible, but not without some effort and diligence. 

Be aware of how you choose to spend your time. One of the absolute best ways to broaden your senses is simply being outdoors. When you’re out in nature (whether at a lake, in the woods, or simply sitting in your yard), you easily engage all of your physical senses while also connecting to the energy of Source. Feel the breeze against your skin. Taste a wild strawberry right off the plant. Smell the fragrance of the flowers and plants around you. And then, in the silence, reconnect to your guides and loved ones who are always with you. Listen to the way your intuition naturally tugs you toward those things that make your soul sing.

If you still need some additional help, there are many of us who can provide clarity, guidance, and support through spiritual counseling. And, when answers are still not readily available, I’ll use Clinical Hypnotherapy to help provide the direction and understanding my clients seek. Every person’s needs are different.

Most importantly, live consciously. Don’t close yourself down to experiencing life at all levels, with all your physical and spiritual senses. When the lines of communication are open, our intuition becomes the compass that guides us on this crazy journey called life. 

Susan deCaussin CHt


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