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The Prosperity Pyramid

The Prosperity Pyramid

By John Ashbrook

All creation is the result of an exact balance between two movements. The masculine principle of creation endeavors to put effort and force into motion to activate manifestation.

This outer force must be balanced with the feminine principle of creation-trust. This is an inner movement of relaxation, a belief in the creative dynamic, and that enough of the right force is being applied to bring about fruition.

When these two movements, activation (force) and relaxation (trust), exist in balance, you will get exactly what you set out to create. If there is an in-balance in the two movements, there will either be no creation, or you will get a partial or distorted manifestation of your desire.


1. Have a clear idea of what you want to create.

2. Take the appropriate amount of action to bring about manifestation – no more, no less.

3. Affirm your desire to the universe through prayer or meditation.

4. Visualize the outcome.

5. Do not dictate how your desire is to be fulfilled.

6. Seek balance in your life.

7. Affirm your trust in the benevolence of the universe by being patient.

8. Create a deserving attitude – treat yourself with respect and love. Cultivate positive thoughts and viewpoints.

9. Let go of your wish and live joyfully.

10. Show gratitude.

John Ashbrook

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John Ashbrook is a professional numerologist and intuitive spiritual counselor. He teaches a comprehensive Spiritual Development Program that combines ongoing classes with Individual Guidance sessions to maximize personal growth. For information about private consultations, please call John at 734-326-3433


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