The Shapes We Take


By Chef Deborah Lieder

As the days begin to get shorter and the air a little cooler, it is the friendly reminder a new season is upon us, change and transformation once again. This is the one constant in life, that things must change. Which, in a way, provides the freedom to know that at any time, you can transform into anything you’d like. It happens everywhere — in nature, in food, think of the incredible egg! It can be a soufflé, meringue, omelets, or custard, each a variety that reinvents the egg. It is used sweet or savory, the texture can be heavy or light. Eggs take on so many forms, the combinations are endless. So too, can we be that egg, shape-shifting into our desired outcome.

If you ascribe to a diet that includes the egg, it is truly a nutritional powerhouse concentrated in that little oval-shaped shell. Organic, free-range eggs reduce the risk of heart disease with their omega-3 fatty acids, aid in weight loss, and protect your eyes from degeneration. The Choline found in eggs helps keep your memory sharp and maintain clarity as you age. Eggs are also one of the best sources of vitamin D, as well as contain aminos, which make it a perfect protein. You can have them at any meal because of the variety of egg dishes, or simply because breakfast is so delicious any time of day!

As we observe nature, whether it be plants, animals, or the starry sky, it teaches us that transformation at any time is possible, and not only that, inevitable. Fall brings with it a sense of routine, leaving the carefree summer months behind. It is the perfect time to add one new diet change/goal. Just one. Nothing crazy or major, something you know you can achieve. So when you look back during the next season change, you will see how far you have come.

Sweet Potato Pancakes:

1 roasted Sweet Potato or ½ c. mashed

2 ea. Eggs

Pinch of Salt

¼ t. Cinnamon

½ t. Vanilla extract

Oil or Butter for Frying

Powdered Sugar

Maple Syrup or Honey


In a small bowl, mash sweet potato. (For a smoother texture, remove skin. For added nutrition, keep the skin on). Add eggs, salt, cinnamon and vanilla, and mix until smooth. In small sauté pan, heat butter or oil. With a spoon, dollop sweet potato mixture the size of a silver dollar pancake, or 2 tablespoons. Cook for 2 minutes and flip. Continue to cook for another two minutes. Remove from pan and finish rest of batch. Yields: 6 small pancakes. Top with Powdered Sugar, Maple Syrup and serve.


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