The Universal Mind Connection


During these difficult and frightening times, we must never forget we have the power within to survive and grow from our difficult experiences. We are one with the universal mind and we must stay in a positive and mindful place. It is easy to follow negative thoughts and become fearful and desperate or even angry. However, we control the emotional base of our mind and can draw off the positive strength of the UM (Universal Mind).

These past few months, the world experienced a pandemic of not only a virus but of a mindset that created more anxiety than many could cope with. This left us vulnerable and a bit defenseless. When the anxiety levels are high and we feel out of control, our immunity falls like a stone. It does not matter if it is the fear of a virus or you are upset within your personal life. Our immunity is directly linked to our mind.

This is why we can put our mind to healing our body just as powerfully as allowing fear to bring down our defenses. Meditation and prayer are our only real defenses when life seems to overwhelm us and push us into feeling out of control. I would like everyone to remember that no matter what comes at you, you have the power of the great “UM” on your side. You just need to unleash the power through belief that you are connected to God/UM, and you will find amazing things unfolding. Even when things don’t seem to turn around in the timing and direction you wish, you are still in control of the ultimate outcome, or at least the spiritual awakening, through the difficulties you face.

Throughout my career as an intuitive counselor, I have found that people might get upset when I don’t foresee what they hope for, or what they dream their future should be. First, let me share with you that you have the power of your future events, not me or any intuitive. We just read the path your soul chooses to take while on this Earth. A good intuitive just looks at your life path and reminds you of your direction and what you hope to accomplish in this life experience.

Why does it seem that a psychic can be off with the predictions at times? Well, there may be many reasons and factors for this situation. You might have what I call, “going off road,” experiences which will cause you to have difficulties that were not on your original path. When you finally find your way back to your life path, your timing of events may be off significantly, not to mention the experiences that you encountered while being off road may not have been on your original life path. How to not go off road can be corrected simply by listening to your own intuition about a situation or event.

Go to a good intuitive counselor, one you can trust to tell you the truth and not sugar coat your life path. I had to tell a young lady a few months ago that the person she hoped would come back into her life was simply not part of her future. She was very upset with me and cried almost uncontrollably in my office.

She said that another psychic had said he would come back into her life within five days. I said, “Well, how long ago was that?” She said several weeks ago. My response was, “Is he back in your life in any way?” She quietly said, “No.” I told her that if he truly wanted to be in her life, he would give it some effort. He broke it off with her more than a year earlier. I fortunately saw a better relationship ahead in her future, but that did not stop her from hanging on to the hope of the past relationship.

Looking into the future, especially when people want a different outcome, is hard. Sometimes the best way to get the answer you want is to make an even better answer happen. Learn to connect to your intuition, listen to the UM for your life path directions. If anxiety is taking over and you cannot seem to listen clearly, then you know it is time for spiritual guidance to put a light on your life path. Be healthy. Enjoy the Spring!


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