To Sit and Listen


Thoughts cloud my head
As I start to dream
Of ways of being
Other than how I seem

Cascading down rivers
Of commotion
Dying to find one path of devotion
That will lead me to my higher way

Not knowing if it will ever be

Doggedly tired of striving
Sniffing out ways to toss my leash
My master always conniving
To keep me bound within its reach

Drained from the strain
Of knowing the difference
Between where I am and where I must be
To satisfy my souls hunger
The craving I must see

Salivating at the door
Collapsing upon the hard wood floor
My mind fades to empty space
To sit and listen in this grace

Illumination ever more

Lisa Marie Gutowski’s teaching, lectures and workshops have helped raise the consciousness and bring heart centered healing to thousands of people. Lisa Marie is currently publishing a book called Beyond Techniques- The 2012 Shift, Evolving From Lightworker to Light (out in 2008).

You may contact her at Massage & Energy Therapy done at Sylvia’s in Dearborn Mi 313-271-2000


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