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Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Watching the earth shed its winter coat and the first spring bulbs’ poking out of the soil brings to mind the changes that people are also undergoing at this time. Many of us our shedding an older way of being and waking up to something lighter and more beautiful within.

You are probably experiencing this change yourself. You may notice that you are more intuitive than you used to be, more sensitive to energy and the feelings of those around you and less likely to ignore that inner sense of direction for your life. This awakening is literally a shedding of old energies which have blocked people from being more aware. As the weight and darkness of these old energies clear, people may have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it is exciting and they feel more alive, on the other hand it is new and anything new can create some anxiety.

In our old way of being, people used to rely on parents, elders, religious or political leaders, peer pressure, social programming, popular philosophy, science….etc. to tell them who to be, how to act, what to do. It is good at this time to seek the wisdom within first and to trust that above all, regardless of what someone else may think or say.

At this time we are becoming more adept at accessing the core of divine wisdom which exists deep within our heart and our belly. This inner wisdom instantly sorts through great quantities of perceptions and information. It isn’t limited by space and time, so it can access wisdom and information from the past, present, the future, spirit guides, The Creator, the planet or any source of information that you need. Your inner wisdom is able to sort through all of that input and discern what you need to know almost instantly. This all happens deeper than the level of your mind. It is more a matter of feeling and knowing than logic and mental calculation, although those processes will be included. But inner knowing is much faster and more accurate than any conscious process you could follow.

Because of this awakening inner wisdom, the most important thing for a person to practice at this time, is paying attention to what they know. I recommend that you do this instead of seeking for guidance from other sources, since that tends to be arbitrary or subjected to people’s personal biases, where your inner wisdom knows exactly what you need uniquely and specifically in every situation.

Learning to pay attention takes patience and practice and a willingness to trust your own process of growth. Give yourself permission to practice on anything from the simplest questions like: Which vitamin, herb, or flower essence feels most helpful to me? What foods does my body need today vs. what foods do my addictive appetites want? Which store has the item I need at the best price? As you learn to pay attention to your sense of what is true, you will gradually refine that sense to be able to discern your truth from beliefs, habits, fears, addictions and self-defeating patterns. You will come to recognize a clear inner knowing that can guide you safely through the big questions in your life as well.

Because we have so many different focuses of consciousness within our own self which have opinions, fears, or desires about things, you may sometimes need time to sort through those perceptions to find the truth which resonates within you like a finely tuned instrument. Your inner wisdom is always there and always tuned, you just have to practice learning its resonance until you can recognize it, despite all those conflicting messages from other parts of yourself and from the world around.

In order to sort through all those messages, you can practice letting yourself inquire within in a variety of ways over a period of time, until your inner wisdom becomes clear to you. For instance, you can think about something, and then let it go. Then you could go into your feelings about it, and explore your fears, anxieties and desires, and then let it go again for a while. Then you can go within your heart and belly, or your spine to the still place within, which is your inner wisdom and sit with that, asking for wisdom, clarity, and truth and from within that place. While you are there, you could sort of ponder with your stillness how each of the options your mind and your feelings presented to you resonate or feel within you. Do they feel bumpy, out of tune, or clear like a bell, holding the tone of truth, clear and long within you? Then you can also sleep on it and see if that resonance and clarity is still there for you in the morning, or if you have reached an even deeper clarity overnight.

Accessing your inner wisdom is a very personal process and no one can really tell you how to do it, but this description may assist you to find your own way to that clear & resonant truth within.

As you are shedding your old self and awakening to your newer self, practice your inner knowing in order to build strong muscles of self-awareness and personal power. Seek the wisdom within first and you may discover that you are much more clear and capable than you even imagined you could be!

Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson, creator & Director of The Healer Development Program has been a full time Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986. See her site: spiritualhealers.com for info articles and testimonials or call her at: 248 545-3928. or visit her site at:www.SpiritualHealers.com


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